5 Reasons to Select Invisalign® Braces for Your Ortho Care

Well-aligned teeth create the look of a gorgeous and luminous smile — a trait many men and women hope to have. However, for a vast number of people, oral issues such as misaligned, overcrowded, or widely spaced teeth may hinder their longed-for smile. Although traditional metal braces offer a dependable method to gain an even, beautiful smile, the sheer thought of enduring braces for a couple of years is unappealing to numerous adult and teen Brunswick, OH individuals.

Invisalign orthodontic technology provides a popular option for many mature and younger individuals who want ortho treatment to boost the look and health of their minorly imperfect teeth without traditional metal braces. This contemporary program has streamlined the teeth alignment process and provides good results. If you’re displeased with your teeth and are wanting to choose a system that suits your life, our staff at DentalWorks – Brunswick invites you to read this post and discover the main advantages of getting Invisalign braces for your orthodontic treatment.

Our dental practitioners in Brunswick, OH are excited to discuss the benefits of Invisalign aligners with younger and adult individuals alike. Even though traditional braces are still the better orthodontic option for some people, a handful of the top reasons individuals pick Invisalign include:

Easy to Wear
When contrasted with metal braces, several individuals believe that Invisalign orthodontics are more comfortable to have. The fitted plastic appliances are specially made to sit snugly against the teeth, providing a fit and feel that’s comfortable and reliable. Selecting Invisalign enables people to steer clear of the difficulties of brackets and wires, which could accumulate food and bacteria and typically result in soft tissue irritation.

Barely Visible Aligners
Invisalign clear aligners are created from a see-through medical-grade material that is far less visible to others as opposed to the look of metal bracket and wire orthodontics. The barely visible look of Invisalign trays is a loved feature for school-aged kids who could be too self-critical to have visible metal orthodontics. Invisalign may also be great for older patients who don’t want their teeth aligning option to negatively affect their professional roles.

Easy for Anyone’s Life
Although traditional braces can accumulate food debris and plaque, clear aligners are taken out of the mouth prior to eating, minimizing these problems. But to achieve the wanted outcomes and avoid prolonging the duration of your orthodontic care, Invisalign trays should only be taken out for drinking and eating, as well as while brushing the teeth. In addition, it is critical to properly clean the teeth after eating and prior to reapplying the trays to decrease the risk of plaque and food particles being stuck between the teeth and liner.

Shorter Treatment Solution for Teeth Straightening Issues
In the majority of cases, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners requires less time than traditional metal braces. A lot of patients who choose Invisalign only have minor concerns to take care of, like teeth that are slightly crooked, whereas others seek this solution for more essential orthodontic needs, including bite misalignment. The seriousness of the issue often will decide treatment length. However, for the majority of people, orthodontic treatment using Invisalign trays lasts from 6 – 18 months normally.

Improved Oral Health and Appearance
Fixing the teeth with an orthodontic treatment leads to teeth that are less difficult to clean thoroughly, decreasing the chance of cavities and periodontal disease. Since Invisalign aligners are not hard to remove from the mouth, your enamel and gum tissue can receive improved daily care, especially when compared to the challenges that come with brushing and flossing around clunky brackets and wires. Going with Invisalign to address your orthodontic problems can also lessen some of the secondary risks that result from traditional metal braces, including the heightened incidence of tooth decay and gum disease due to tartar accumulating near the brackets and wires.

Invisalign clear liners may be a great treatment for teens and older patients alike in Brunswick, OH who want to be discreet with their orthodontic care. Whatever your motivation for orthodontic treatment may be, we encourage you to get in touch with our skilled professionals at DentalWorks – Brunswick to discover if Invisalign is a perfect solution for your oral health concerns. The Invisalign system is a comfortable, clear option for aligning the teeth and may be the treatment you’re looking for to attain your ideal smile.