Advantages Of Dental Crowns And In What Ways They Strengthen Your Smile

Commonly called a cap, a dental crown can be used to treat a large cavity, preserve a weak tooth, renew a cracked tooth, or mask a discolored tooth. Built to be positioned over the desired tooth and colored to integrate with the adjacent teeth to provide a desired look, a dental crown protects and restores functionality to weakened teeth. The dental professionals of DentalWorks – Burlington offer multiple materials for crowns to better treat the needs of individuals in Burlington, NC.

At your consultation with an experienced staff member of the DentalWorks – Burlington dental team, we will explain the different crown material options with you in order to select the ideal material that sticks with your dental concerns, aesthetic goals, and budget. If you would like to discover more about the different kinds of crowns and the ways they can rejuvenate your smile, then read below for additional in-depth information.

One of our dental professionals might provide a dental crown as a solution for several reasons, including:

  • To allow for the preservation of a damaged, decaying tooth as a way to reduce future dental concerns
  • As a support structure for loose or damaged teeth
  • To cover a fractured tooth, protecting it from revealed nerves, which may lead to severe sensitivity and discomfort
  • To renew a tooth’s purpose and aesthetics following a root canal procedure
  • In order to operate as a foundation to aid in keeping dental bridges in place
  • In the case that a cavity is too big to be treated with a standard filling
  • Utilized aesthetically to disguise discolored or misshapen teeth

Based on an individual’s needs, tooth placement, and preferences, crowns are made from several substances. While a number of crowns can last upwards of 15 years, in some cases, they are only a momentary fix.

  • Temporary: This type of crown is created with acrylic or stainless steel and is most often made in the dental professional’s facility for quicker protectioncompared to a long-lasting crown that is prepared off-site.
  • Ceramic or Porcelain: Considered the best aesthetic option, this dental crown features a color-match incomparable to any other substance. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are typically used on the front teeth and matched to the shape, color, and size of the patient’s existing teeth. This substance is also the best for those withwho suffer from] metal intolerance.
  • Porcelain over Metal: A porcelain over metal crown is a choice for covering front or back teeth and enhances the resilience of metal to a dental bridge. The porcelain material helps the dental professional to specifically match the current enamel of surrounding teeth for a seamless look.
  • Metal: This type of crown is most often made from stainless steel or a number of other metals, which are individualized for the patient’s specific needs.

The initial action for individuals in Burlington, NC to obtain a dental crown is to talk with a dental professional from DentalWorks – Burlington for an examination. During this appointment, digital or physical impressions of your teeth will be taken, which allows for the custom fit of your crown. As soon as your dental crown is complete, the treatment area will be thoroughly numbed using a local anesthetic before the natural tooth may be readied to secure the crown’s fit. Further impressions may be required to check the appropriate fit and bite before it is secured of the crown atop the existing tooth or attached to a dental implant. The correct configuration of a new crown allows for continuing stability. The entire process might take a few weeks to finish because crowns will be sent to a dental laboratory for creation. If necessary, a temporary crown may be suggested.

Once the anesthesia has worn off, ordinary daily activities may be continued. The dental team at DentalWorks – Burlington can give proper post-care instructions, which are essential to follow for the best recovery and healing. We will show you the ideal way to care for your crown, including which foods to avoid. For men and women who grind their teeth or clench their jaws, a nighttime guard may be recommended to preserve your crown. It is necessary to attend your yearly dental exams at DentalWorks – Burlington as a way to ensure optimal oral health in the future. Routine daily brushing and flossing can help to avoid decay or gum disease and the requirement for further crowns later on.

Committed to your excellent oral health, DentalWorks – Burlington performs treatments for individuals in Burlington, NC using the latest dental procedures, including dental crowns. Men and women who need a crown can rest assured knowing they have choices that adhere to their aesthetic concerns and budget. If you have been interested in receiving a dental crown and want to discover more regarding this state-of-the-art procedure, we invite you to call or schedule an appointment with DentalWorks – Burlington today.