Afraid Of Getting A Root Canal? Why You Shouldn’t Be

You should keep your mouth clean with gentle brushing and rinsing with mouthwash. Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and/or pain medication to help you heal and recover. Your dentist will most likely ask you to schedule a follow-up exam so they can make sure the infection is cleared.

The smartest thing you can do to avoid a root canal is go to your appointments at your dentist in Niles, OH at least twice each year for an exam and professional cleaning. During exams and cleanings, your dental team will check for issues like cavities and chipped or cracked teeth that could cause an infection. By treating the smaller issue, you can prevent an infection, which will lead to a root canal. It’s also wise to make sure you are brushing and flossing your teeth correctly twice a day at home. If you need advice on proper home oral hygiene or you would like to schedule an appointment for an exam and cleaning, contact DentalWorks – Eastwood Niles. Our friendly team is happy to help you improve the health and appearance of your smile so we don’t have to perform a root canal or any other procedures.