All The Reasons Why You Might Need A Dental Extraction

If you think back to when you were young, you had fun wiggling a loose tooth around and when it finally came out, you get money from the tooth fairy. Unfortunately, when you have all your permanent teeth as a grownup, losing a tooth is significantly less fun. There are loads of reasons why you may need a tooth extraction to improve your oral health, such as an impacted tooth, to prevent overcrowding, or a decayed tooth. Even though a dental extraction may not be ideal, it’s no longer as scary or painful as it used to be. With modern techniques and many sedation options, DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads makes dental extractions a little easier in the event you need it. Our dental team in Cary, NC will thoroughly evaluate the tooth prior to advocating an extraction. If a tooth needs to be extracted, our team works hard to ensure you stay comfortable from beginning to end. In case you or a family member might need a tooth extracted to keep the health and appearance of your smile, read on to learn about the two main method of tooth extractions and common reasons why a tooth or teeth may need to be removed.

There are lots of explanations for why a tooth may need to be extracted. The cause will first be determined by your dental team at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads and then they will decide what type of extraction best fits your needs. These are the two main types of dental extractions:

    A simple extraction is done when the tooth is visible above the gumline. The tooth may be loosened with a tool called an elevator before the crown and root are removed from the jawbone and gums. This technique is usually used when a tooth is infected, severely decayed, or irreparable.
    A surgical extraction is done when the tooth has not fully broken through the gumline, so an incision in the gums is needed to get to the tooth. If needed, the tooth might be cut into multiple pieces for easier removal. This method is usually used to remove an impacted tooth or the wisdom teeth.

There are a few reasons you might need to get a tooth or teeth extracted. One of the most common reasons patients in Cary, NC will need a dental extraction is to remove their third molars (wisdom teeth). These are a few of the other common reasons you may need an extraction:

    When a tooth is impacted, it means there is some kind of blockage keeping the tooth from erupting through the gums. An impacted tooth might be blocked by a primary (baby) tooth that hasn’t naturally fallen out or it is moving in the wrong direction and is blocked by another permanent tooth. Depending on the origin of the impaction, your dentist may suggest a simple or surgical extraction to prevent an infection or stop toothaches.
    Before you start an orthodontic treatment, a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted if there is not enough room. An orthodontic treatment is made to move your teeth in the right alignment, which may require extracting one or more teeth so the others have room. Overcrowded teeth are generally removed with a simple extraction technique.
    Dental cavities that are not handled in time may spread to the pulp in the tooth. Even though a root canal might be conducted to save the tooth, if the tooth is severely weakened by the decay, it may need to be extracted. A simple extraction can stop the decay and infection from reaching your other teeth, gum tissue, jaw, and eventually, your bloodstream.
    Your third set of molars, more typically known as the wisdom teeth, will probably need to be removed. The modern human jaw normally cannot fit these extra teeth, so whenever they start to erupt from the gumline (usually, during the late teens and early twenties), your dentist can recommend a surgical extraction. It’s important to get your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible before the teeth are impacted or infected. However, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Rarely, some lucky people don’t grow all four or any at all!
    Accidents happen and unfortunately, sometimes our teeth are affected. While the first solution is always to try and preserve the tooth, it may just not be possible. Whether the trauma is a result of a car crash or maybe a sports accident, patients in Cary, NC should schedule an appointment with their dentist if there is an injury to the mouth. In some cases, the damage is not visible, but still serious.

Following a dental extraction, it is very important to understand and follow your dentist’s recovery instructions. A simple extraction will typically need less recovery time than a surgical extraction, but it will depend on your specific case. You could be written a prescription for antibiotics to help avoid an infection plus pain medication. You may want to adhere to a soft foods or liquid diet for the first few days when your mouth is still tender and healing. This is a great opportunity to eat a little extra ice cream but also try to eat as healthy as you can with soup, smoothies, and protein shakes. You should avoid using tobacco both before and after your procedure because this will interfere with your body’s ability to heal correctly. Your dentist may recommend using an antibiotic mouthwash until you are able to get back to brushing and flossing.

An extraction is sometimes necessary so as to protect or improve your mouth. A dental extraction could be needed for a lot of reasons, including to prevent decay from spreading, avoid an impaction, or simply to give your mouth enough space. In case you or a member of your family in Cary, NC might need a tooth extraction, schedule an appointment with our experienced team at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads. Our team will perform a comprehensive exam before creating a treatment plan with either a simple or surgical extraction so you can keep your smile beautiful and healthy.