Avoid Problems Later By Dealing With Missing Teeth Now

Bridges can last for a while. They also typically cost less than implanted restorations.

    Partial or full dentures are a dental appliance or restoration that are often used if you need to replace all or most of the teeth whether you need the top arch, bottom arch, or both. Dentures consist of a plate that supports a group of false teeth that attach to your natural gums. Made custom from your digital impressions, modern dentures are manufactured to look natural. Partials dentures can be used for patients who are missing many, but not all their teeth. Although traditional removable dentures restore the appearance and function of your smile, they cannot prevent atrophy in your gums or jawbone. Those with removable dentures will have some level of atrophy plus a change in the shape of their lower face. This is another reason that implant-supported restorations are the preferred choice for the replacement of missing teeth.

    Should you have missing teeth, you should learn about the risk of leaving gaps in your smile. If you’d like to get more information about your restoration options, we invite you to contact DentalWorks in Niles, OH. Our advanced practice offers different options for restoring missing teeth and we can help you choose one that suits your goals and budget. We take many types of payment and, if needed, our compassionate staff will be able to help you find medical financing. Get your missing teeth replaced with a restoration so you don’t have to deal with issues later, like misalignment or atrophy. We look forward to speaking more regarding the subject of missing teeth during your private consultation.