Can I Fix My Gummy Smile?

Once it’s done, your smile will be less gummy and your whole mouth will be healthier once your teeth are correctly positioned and spaced.

If you are seeking a solution to a gummy smile, there are options to help improve it at DentalWorks – Easton. A great smile can boost your self-esteem and you may find you want to smile more! To get more information on laser gum contouring to remove excess tissue, speak to your dentist in Columbus, OH to schedule a consultation. During a consultation at DentalWorks – Easton, our board-certified dentist will assess your teeth and gums and discuss your choices. Our team can perform a scaling and root planing treatment to reduce gum inflammation or laser gum contouring to remove overdeveloped tissue. We also offer modern orthodontic options that will not just correct your gummy smile, but also move your teeth into alignment for a more attractive smile and better oral health. No matter which option you select, we’ll create a treatment plan that improves your gumline so that you may smile with the right ratio of enamel to gums.