Common Causes of Tooth Pain And The Way You Can Treat It

Tooth decay is normally cared for with fillings or dental crowns, based on the extent of the decayed area.

As a frequently difficult to diagnose problem, cracked tooth syndrome could display with uncomfortable symptoms, yet there may not be any recognizable or visible impairment to the tooth structure. Small micro-cracks in the enamel can enable bacteria to enter the center part of the tooth and cause sensitivity or discomfort. Teeth can also feel discomfort while biting because of flexure within the tooth structure. The treatments for cracked tooth syndrome vary but may range from the positioning of a crown to root canal treatment or other methods.

Tooth pain is nearly always a indication of a worse condition and should always be examined as soon as possible to offer effective outcomes for your oral health. Even though symptoms may range from mild to intense, tooth pain usually signifies a dental emergency and could warrant urgent treatment to maintain your tooth and decrease the risk of tooth loss. Our dedicated team at DentalWorks – Bloomingdale is pleased to provide a variety of dental services, such as urgent dental treatment, to care for your tooth discomfort and decrease its effects on your smile and overall health. If discomfort is impacting your oral health, call our facility today to make an appointment with our devoted and experienced dentists.