Cosmetic Smile Makeovers Can Give You More Confidence

Is your confidence increased or decreased by the appearance of your smile? If you are not sharing your smile because you have flaws such as discoloration or crooked teeth, a smile makeover may be the thing to enhance your confidence and smile. At DentalWorks – Dublin, our dental professionals offer smile makeovers that may include gum sculpting, porcelain veneers, professional teeth whitening, Invisalign, or even restorative dentistry for lost teeth. Whatever your concerns and objectives are, our staff is educated in a wide range of cosmetic procedures so we can create the right smile makeover program. Take a moment to read about a few of the top concerns people in Dublin, OH have regarding their smiles and the procedures we provide at DentalWorks – Dublin.

Modern cosmetic dentistry treatments may be performed to address most aesthetic issues that women and men in Dublin, OH have regarding the look of their smiles. A few of the most common problems are:

    Crooked teeth have a large impact on the appearance of your grin. If you have teeth that are crooked or out of alignment, you may be a good candidate for orthodontics, such as Invisalign. Great for older teenagers and adults who would like a straighter smile minus the problems of metal braces, Invisalign is almost invisible and can be taken out so you can easily brush and floss your teeth. Teeth in proper alignment will not only help your smile look much better, but it can enhance your general dental health.
  • GAPS
    Some people embrace the distinct look of a dental gap, but if you’re not happy about yours, then there are several cosmetic treatments that can help. Based upon how big the space between your teeth, you might be a candidate for veneers to mask the gap. A thin shell made from durable porcelain, cosmetic veneers are adhered to the teeth. Your dentist will make sure your veneers fit comfortably and look natural. In case you have spaces between several teeth, then you might want to have an Invisalign treatment to fix your dental alignment. A series of removable aligners, Invisalign shifts your teeth to the correct place to get rid of gaps.
    If you are missing one tooth or teeth, then this is affecting the appearance of your smile. However you lost a tooth or multiple teeth, your smile makeover program will help improve your smile. A missing tooth may be hidden using porcelain veneers or replaced using a restoration. Dental implants may help replace one tooth or several in your smile to get a long-lasting and low-maintenance restoration. You might also get a custom bridge, which will be shaded and shaped to blend in with your other teeth to get a smooth outcome.
    Sometimes the gums are overdeveloped, it can skew the proportion of gum to visible enamel. This causes what’s popularly called a “gummy” smile. Although it’s usually not an immediate issue, it may cause your teeth look short and impact the overall look of your smile. Gum sculpting (also called gum contouring or crown lengthening) eliminates the excess gum tissue for a higher, even gumline. An experienced dentist in Dublin, OH will reveal your very best gumline to get a gorgeous smile.
    Teeth that are small or misshapen can benefit from veneers. Microdontia (a condition where the teeth are underdeveloped) can affect the appearance of your smile. Although microdontia generally doesn’t impact your oral health, it will make your teeth look immature and not as attractive. A pair of custom porcelain veneers may enhance the appearance of your smile by masking small or misshapen teeth.
    A little chip in your enamel could make your teeth look jagged and uneven. A good choice to revive your smile is custom veneers. A slim ceramic shell is adhered over your teeth to make your grin appear whole and even. Veneers are custom made to fit over your either your top or bottom teeth, or both based on your needs and goals. Chips might also be enhanced with bonding and contouring, a process which utilizes composite resin (the exact same substance used in tooth-colored fillings) to fill in the missing enamel. Although bonding and contouring is a faster process, veneers typically last longer.
    Each glass of wine, cup of coffee, and delicious berry that you consume can leave a lasting impression on your teeth. Unless you are cleaning your teeth immediately after each single time you drink and eat (who has the time to do that?), then your teeth are absorbing stains. As time passes, these stains will make your teeth look dull and yellow. You might have used or considered store-bought whitening kits; however, these provide minimal improvements. For quick, safe, and powerful results, get a professional teeth whitening treatment. Many dentists in Dublin, OH provide both in-office laser whitening and custom home whitening kits.

As soon as your treatment plan is complete, it is crucial that you keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking fabulous. This means a home hygiene regimen (flossing, brushing, plus mouthwash), which you follow daily. To keep your teeth bright, ask your dental team about getting a kit to whiten your teeth at home. Using professional whitening gel and custom-made dental trays, you should use your kit as necessary to improve the brightness of your smile. In addition to daily oral care at home, you should continue to visit your dentist in Dublin, OH two or more times a year for an oral health exam and bi-annual cleaning. In these appointments, your dentist will check for any developing issues (such as gum disease and cavities) and deal with them so that your grin remains healthy and beautiful.

Whether you need only a couple of tweaks or a complete restoration, your cosmetic dentistry plan will be customized based on the restorative and cosmetic treatments that match your cosmetic objectives. If you are interested in a smile makeover, then schedule an appointment at our practice in Dublin, OH. Using our experience, advanced equipment, and contemporary methods, our staff at DentalWorks – Dublin will work together with you to craft your treatment program. Come in with a list of your concerns and get ready to leave with a smile that will stun the roads of Dublin, OH!