Crucial Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Understand

Professional teeth whitening services can be beneficial for several kinds of discoloration.
Your smile might become darkened, stained, or yellow with time because of a broad range of sources but could benefit from the brightening outcomes of teeth whitening. Though coffee and tea may be part of your everyday routine, these beverages do tend to discolor tooth enamel. Even specific kinds of cuisines or spices that you eat could have an impact on the brightness of your teeth. The aging process can also have an effect on the shade of your teeth, often leading the enamel to appear discolored.

Prescription drugs, certain health concerns, and improper dental hygiene are further factors that typically contribute to teeth that appear stained or discolored.

Expert teeth whitening is customized based on your unique needs and wants.
Among the most favorable things about collaborating with Bloomingdale, IL dentists is that your treatment may be personalized to allow you to meet your particular smile goals. Our team will suggest the treatment approach best for you (either in-office or at-home) and select the best whitening services to meet your goals. At-home whitening trays are designed from molds of your smile, which helps in ensuring you receive effective outcomes and a comfortable but secure fit. These custom trays also assist in containing the whitening product and keeping it on your enamel for the required time to receive the desired results.

Expert teeth whitening might be a lone service or completed in conjunction with a more extensive treatment strategy.
Depending on your personal smile concerns, teeth whitening may be the only type of cosmetic procedure you require. Nonetheless, it may be a part of a bigger treatment approach, such as a smile makeover or full-mouth restoration. Our DentalWorks – Bloomingdale dental professionals help you to evaluate if teeth whitening is an appropriate choice for your smile and at what point during the treatment process it should occur.

Professional teeth whitening will not affect the shade of restorations.
It is important to know that, even though teeth whitening treatments may surely brighten the shade of natural tooth enamel, they have no result on restorative materials, including those utilized for composite fillings and bonding and contouring or porcelain veneers and crowns. It might be ideal to whiten the teeth initially and then have any restorations changed out to blend with the new color of your smile. In some cases, teeth whitening may not be an ideal option if whitening the teeth would create a disparity between your natural enamel color and the color of any current restorations you might have. Our Bloomingdale, IL team may help you in identifying the ideal choice for your smile goals and oral health concerns.

In what way does expert teeth whitening provide results?
Professional teeth whitening functions by using a concentrated formula that is placed on the teeth in the form of a gel. When the solution stays in contact with the enamel for a certain amount of time, the yellowing and discoloration on the layer of the enamel begin to carefully dissolve and lift away. Based on the intensity of the whitening solution and the kind of procedure approach used, teeth whitening could lighten the tooth enamel by many shades after the initial treatment. Cases of darker or deeper discoloration might require a longer application time to ensure the outcome you want.

Is there a way you know how bright your smile could become?
Several circumstances might affect personal whitening outcomes, including the starting color of the enamel, daily practices (such as coffee consumption or tobacco use), and the strength of the whitening solution used for the treatment. While you might have optimal results with just one whitening treatment, we are unable to anticipate what your ultimate outcome will be. However, choosing professional teeth whitening offers the most secure and most desirable results for the look of your teeth.

When you want to ramp up the overall condition of your smile, expert teeth whitening may be just what you need to whiten the appearance of your teeth and create a more youthful you. Our team of dental professionals at DentalWorks – Bloomingdale is pleased to offer the simple cosmetic solution of teeth whitening as an individual procedure or in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry treatments. With the use of prescription-strength solutions chosen to adhere to your goals, teeth whitening may lighten your smile by many shades for noticeable improvement and increased self-confidence. Schedule an appointment with us in Bloomingdale, IL today to learn more and see if expert teeth whitening is right for you.