Dental Solutions To Replace One Missing Tooth or Multiple Teeth

If someone loses an adult tooth due to an injury or an accident such as biting into a solid material, it can be very upsetting. Some people are born without a tooth or with a large gap and decide to seek treatment for it at a later point in their lives. In other cases, tooth loss could also be due to poor hygiene or oral care, the aging process, as well as an accident. Fortunately, with aesthetic dentistry, missing teeth may be replaced with the use of various dental solutions, including dental implants.

Even though there are various ways to restore a missing tooth, one of the most ideal methods is a dental implant. Dental implants allow patients to go on with their daily routines and engage in the routine actions of eating, laughing, and smiling without worrying about their missing tooth or teeth. A dental bridge is an additional way to replace a missing tooth. A bridge uses a prosthetic tooth, which is adhered to healthy teeth neighboring a gap inside the mouth. Although the final objective of both a dental implant and a bridge is to restore look and function, they are very diverse treatment methods, and the appropriate procedure will be different for every patient.

The skilled dental professionals at DentalWorks – Brookfield provide insight into the contrasts among dental implants and bridges to assist patients in identifying which treatment is best to meet their concerns.

As a significant issue, a missing tooth may cause other teeth to shift in order to adjust for the open area, changing a patient’s entire bite. Your teeth can also become too close together or crooked because of the movement to fill the vacant area, making it more difficult to properly brush and floss. This in turn can cause periodontal disease and cavities. Therefore, if a tooth becomes missing, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Essentially an artificial tooth, a dental implant has a root that is fixed to the jawbone in order to reestablish a missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant is the strongest kind of dental appliance or solution accessible to restore lost teeth. A screw-type device or metal post simulates a root that is connected to the natural jawbone and forms a steady support for a dental implant or crown to be placed on top. Implant-retained restorations are a way to enhance a patient’s smile or bite by supplying replacement teeth, which act like existing teeth and have no food restrictions!

An ideal way to restore a tooth, a dental implant feels more natural for Brookfield,WI patients when smiling, brushing or participating in ordinary daily activities. Whenever a patient speaks or smiles, there is no way to tell the difference between their natural teeth and an implant. Additionally, dental implants initiate bone growth through preserving the natural jawbone. If completed by a skilled dental professional, like those at DentalWorks – Brookfield, implants are the safest and the most certain way to receive dental treatment that looks and feels natural. They implement a secure base for the permanent device of a crown or bridge. Once the implanted metal post(s) have attached to the jawbone and gum line, implants offer a secure foundation, which gives patients the peace of mind that their new dental appliance will stay in place comparable to their natural teeth. Also, it eliminates the concern and self-conscious feeling of having missing teeth that interfere with having your ideal smile.

The main reasons numerous patients within Brookfield,WI love their dental implant restorations are that they are long lasting and they don’t impact other surrounding teeth. The titanium posts, secured into the jaw, are formulated from a material that will not deteriorate or decay while providing a stable foundation to enable patients to go about normal, daily activities. Dental implants are an exceptional dental solution to restore missing teeth so patients can experience a restored smile.

Identical to your natural teeth, you should brush and floss your dental implant on a daily basis and continue on with your routine, eating and drinking whatever you want. Alternative care isn’t required, and there is no cause to shift your daily oral hygiene habits.

Just as its name implies, a dental bridge is an artificial tooth, which is attached to existing teeth (also called abutments) neighboring a space. A bridge works by creating a bridge crossing over the open space. Bridges are normally built from dental porcelain, metal, or a blend of the two. The dental restoration is commonly composed of dental porcelain so that it closely resembles your real teeth.

A traditional dental bridge uses the teeth on either side of the gap that are trimmed down to create space for the bridge. Then, a dental crown is placed over each tooth. Additionally, a bridge may be braced by a dental implant, which is surgically placed in order to keep the device in the ideal position. An implant-supported bridge that is cemented into position in the mouth and may be an alternative option for Brookfield,WI patients who lose one or a few teeth. These are similar to your normal teeth and could be long-lasting.
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As a pretty fast treatment, dental bridges are also a cost-effective approach to replace one or more missing teeth. In circumstances where you have experienced bone loss within the jaw, it is not necessary to receive a lengthy bone grafting procedure in order to receive a conventional bridge. Nonetheless, since bridges do not take care of underlying problems, like bone loss, these conditions could continue even after the space is fixed and the aesthetic issue is corrected. In some patients, the restoration could establish more tension on the neighboring abutment teeth. Therefore, bridges might need to be replaced down the road.
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If you have lost a tooth or even have a few teeth that need to be replaced, dental implants or bridges can enhance your smile and alter your look.
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Enhance your self-esteem and stop hiding behind your lost teeth! The dentists in Brookfield,WI will provide you with a personalized procedure plan to restore your smile and replace your missing tooth with the use of a dental implant or bridge to allow you to feel confident in your smile once more. If you are wanting to learn more about dental implants, call or schedule a consultation at DentalWorks – Brookfield today.