Dental Veneers: Peoples’ Ultimate Option to Create A Perfect Smile

This problem may affect your actual teeth and the ceramic veneers you recently got. If you notice bruxism issues, such as chronic facial pain, your dentist might recommend a mouthguard to cover both your veneers and teeth. You may realize that you sleep with a personalized nightguard.

Patients Should Peform Everyday Brushing and Flossing Techniques With Veneers

Cosmetic veneers fromDentalWorks – Carmel Village are developed with high-quality porcelain that is long-lasting., veneers need routine upkeep. Just like your genuine teeth, our group recommends diligently maintaining your veneers.

Individuals need to steer clear of chewing ice or crunchy lollipops and utilizing your teeth as devices such as, to open bags of chips or to cut tape). Even though veneers easily resist dark spots, men and women need to continue proper oral hygiene.

To maintain the look of your aesthetic veneers, dentists recommend a morning and evening routine with correct technique. You should set up a bi-annual oral exam and deep cleaning with our group atDentalWorks – Carmel Village. While at your appointment, we can mentor you on correct brushing and flossing techniques and recommend brands.

Additional Aesthetic Techniques

Throughout your initial consultation with {landing page}, we will go over your aesthetic dental options, such as ceramics. Some patients may conclude they need veneers, but actually, they can obtain a prettier, vivid smile with other methods, such as:

  • teeth bonding and contouring
  • professional teeth whitening
  • aesthetic procedure

Individuals need to learn about all the procedures to choose the correct option for their oral health and appearance. Our Charlotte, NC dental group can combine several advanced procedures to elevate your smile.

Don’t forget, first perceptions are crucial. The first thing people often evaluate is your smile. DentalWorks – Carmel Village can reconstruct your smile to help build your self-assurance.

To make you love your smile, ceramic veneers disguise discolored or uneven teeth. Receive information about porcelain veneers by contacting our Charlotte, NC practice. Schedule a meeting with our dental practitioners to move forward with your cosmetic goals.