Discover The Age Range Your Child Might Need To Get Dental Sealants

Commonly, on your child’s back molars. Tooth surfaces aren’t smooth and contain pits and fissures that trap food and bacteria. A toothbrush cannot reach these spots easily. Because of this, it creates a great condition for a cavity to form. At DentalWorks – Canton Ford, we can help prevent tooth decay with the addition of dental sealants to your child’s teeth. During an appointment with our dental professionals in Canton, MI, we will examine your child’s teeth and gums in order to determine whether they are a viable candidate for this preventive dentistry treatment option.

Created with plastic resin, the lightweight but solid coatings called dental sealants work to smooth out the top surfaces of the back teeth. A sealed tooth is much less likely to develop a cavity or require more extensive dental treatments in the future. A molar sealant at DentalWorks – Canton Ford is placed on the top surface of the back molars. They seal out bacteria, plaque, and tartar from reaching the tooth. Those who get dental sealants don’t see or feel them. With the proper placement of dental sealants, our dentists can help ensure that the tooth enamel is much cleaner and, of course, protected.

Typically, a child’s freshly grown-in adult teeth aren’t as impervious to decay in comparison to completely matured permanent teeth. The hard enamel that protects the teeth changes as we age and becomes much stronger. The use of fluoride helps to strengthen enamel, too. However, it can be challenging to get into those pits and fissures regularly. Fissure sealants can provide a protective coating that prevents tooth decay from occurring. Practically any child or teenager is a candidate for dental sealants. However, some adults may benefit from them, too. As soon as the teeth come in, children can get tooth sealants on their permanent molars and premolars. These sealants can help protect the teeth through the cavity-prone years. For children with deep grooves or depressions on their baby teeth, sealants may also be used. Because these teeth play a major role in the correct spacing of the permanent teeth, keeping them healthy will ensure they aren’t lost too early.

Getting a dental sealant treatment at DentalWorks – Canton Ford is a fast, painless, and simple method that doesn’t involve anesthesia. Before sealants are applied, the teeth will be cleaned and polished. This ensures that no bacteria are being sealed into the tooth. If any decay is found, it is removed. Next, the tooth surface is gently roughened where the sealant will be placed and then rinsed and dried thoroughly. Once the tooth is prepped, our dentist will apply the sealant and use a special light to set it, similar to dental bonding.

Diligent dental hygiene is important for all teeth that were coated with dental sealants. Children should brush and floss their teeth daily and have regular dental examinations and routine professional dental cleanings. Your child will benefit from this preventive treatment that has been proven to reduce tooth decay by up to 70%. While sealants are best for children and teenagers, some adults may continue to keep sealants on their teeth if they are prone to tooth decay. Dental sealants can protect teeth from potential tooth decay for up to 10 years. However, they need to be checked for chips or wear and tear at regular dental checkups. We can replace sealants when necessary. There are no known risks or side effects of dental sealants. The American Dental Association deems it a safe treatment option for children, teenagers, and adults.

Considering the procedure is preventive, nearly all insurance agencies will provide coverage for the expense of sealants for children and teenagers. Our professional team can help you to learn more about your coverage before you commit to any treatment at our Canton, MI office.

DentalWorks – Canton Ford has a thoroughly trained team of dentists that provides optimal dental treatment for the whole family. Our aim is to prevent dental concerns from occurring in the future. Tooth sealants are just one proactive treatment we can provide our patients to keep cavities at bay. Simplify your online casino deposits with Ezeewallet! Australian casinos now accept this trusted e-wallet for seamless transactions. Link your preferred payment method to your Ezeewallet account and enjoy quick and secure deposits. With Ezeewallet, your financial information is kept confidential, ensuring peace of mind. Discover a wide range of thrilling games, lucrative bonuses, and top-notch customer service at Ezeewallet-friendly Australian casinos. Join the excitement and start playing today with Ezeewallet! To schedule an appointment and learn more about dental sealants, call our Canton, MI office today.


  1. Preparing the teeth. The surface of each tooth that is receiving a dental sealant is polished to remove plaque and any food debris from the surface. Next, the tooth is dried and isolated. The surface of the tooth is etched, followed by a rinse, and thorough drying. This etching allows the dental sealant to attach to the teeth.

  2. Application of the dental sealant. The liquid dental sealant material is applied to the surface of the tooth, typically with a brush. A self-curing light is used for approximately 30 seconds to bond the sealant to the tooth surface.

  3. Final evaluation of the dental sealant. The dentist will evaluate the dental sealant and check its occlusion. Once hardened, the dental sealant turns into a clear, hard plastic coating and patients can resume chewing and normal use.