Discover Tooth-Colored Fillings

You may also ask your hygienist to tell you where they found the most plaque and tartar so you can focus on these areas more closely when you brush at home.

    Cavities sometimes develop between your teeth and along your gum line. That’s why it’s important that you floss at least once a day. Flossing removes the debris stuck in your teeth and helps to stimulate your gums. At your next dental cleaning, ask your dentist or hygienist to demonstrate the best flossing technique so that you get the optimal benefits from your daily routine.
    If you are prone to getting cavities or just would like to be more proactive in avoiding them, you ought to ask your dentist about options for preventive treatments. While they are more often recommended for younger patients, dental sealants and professional fluoride treatments might sometimes be smart choices for some adults. Dental sealants are a clear, flexible material that is situated on the back teeth to help prevent pit and fissure cavities from developing in the irregular top surfaces of the premolars and molars. Professional fluoride treatments help in strengthening the enamel and warding off cavities. For the most part, sealants and fluoride treatments are covered by dental insurance only for younger patients, but it’s a smart investment for adults who want to avoid developing cavities.
    Brushing your teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste at least twice a day or after you eat is one of the most valuable things you can do to defend against cavities. The best times to brush are in the morning after breakfast and again after dinner. This habit will help with cleaning away food debris and bacteria before they begin to produce a cavity. In situations where it’s not feasible to brush after eating lunch, you can still rinse with mouthwash.
    If you eventually get a cavity, it’s crucial to get it treated right away with a tooth-colored filling at a dental practice in Clearwater, IN. If you would like to find a great dentist who offers state-of-the-art treatments like tooth-colored fillings, schedule an appointment at DentalWorks – Clearwater. Our remarkable group of dental professionals can work with patients of all ages for any current issues and help you avoid future problems to keep your smile healthy.