Enhance Your Teeth With Orthodontic Invisalign Tooth Alignment Therapy

Individuals using Invisalign will have to go to their orthodontist every couple of weeks to see how well their teeth have been progressing. Your orthodontist may inquire whether you’ve experienced any problems with your present aligners and decide whether your teeth have shifted enough for the subsequent set. It is quite crucial that you follow your orthodontist’s recommendations and not keep using one pair of aligners longer than you need to or try to omit a set; this will impact your results and could elongate your Invisalign therapy duration.

Every individual’s treatment program is somewhat different, so the length of time it you need to adjust your teeth will differ in each case. Several elements impact the treatment duration, for example, the degree and variety of dental problems that have to be dealt with, as well as the amount of aligner sets you will need to get the optimal outcomes. Typically, the treatment duration may last anywhere from 1 – 2 years. Following your consultation appointment with your dental practitioner and getting your electronic molds created, you will get a far better idea of your treatment duration.

After the Invisalign therapy has moved your teeth into their proper alignment, your teeth and jawbone will require some additional time to reset. This is why it is necessary to diligently utilize a retainer. Every retainer is constructed from the exact same nearly invisible substance as Invisalign; therefore, they are light and virtually unnoticeable. To begin, you will have to put in the retainer as much as you did your aligners — a minimum of 20 hours per day. However, gradually], you will shift to just using your retainer while you sleep to retain the new positioning of your teeth.

If you want to hear more details about Invisalign, we invite you to call us in Allen Park, MI to set up a visit. We are always pleased to devote some time to offering details about the Invisalign therapy procedure. Our group of dentists at DentalWorks – Allen Park would love to offer a personalized Invisalign therapy strategy that will explain all the particulars of the way Invisalign can help you achieve your most beautiful smile. The overall value of your Invisalign therapy, together with an approximate treatment period, can also be given at your initial appointment. Visit us soon to discover whether Invisalign is the most effective option for you.