Expert Teeth Whitening Information You Need To Understand

It can be ideal to brighten the teeth first and then have existing restorations changed out to match the new color of your smile. In a few cases, teeth whitening may not be a good option if whitening the smile would create a variation between your natural enamel color and the shade of any existing restorations you may have. Our Charlotte, NC team may aid you in deciding the best option for your smile and dental health concerns.

In what way does teeth whitening work?
Teeth whitening functions by using a concentrated formula that is put on the teeth as a gel. If the gel stays in contact with the teeth for a period of time, the yellowing and discoloration existing on the layer of the enamel begin to gently disintegrate and lift away. Based on the intensity of the whitening solution and the kind of procedure approach used, teeth whitening might lighten the tooth enamel by many shades with only the initial application. Cases of darker or deeper discoloration may call for a lengthier application time to achieve the outcome you want.

How can you predict how bright the teeth could become?
A number of circumstances might influence individual whitening results, such as the beginning color of the enamel, lifestyle practices (such as drinking coffee or tobacco use), and the strength of the whitening gel utilized throughout the treatment. While you could have desirable results following one application, we cannot anticipate what your ultimate results will be. Nonetheless, opting for professional teeth whitening provides the most secure and most desirable outcome for the appearance of your teeth.

If you are ready to enhance the overall quality of your smile, expert teeth whitening could be just what is necessary to lighten the look of your teeth and generate a younger-looking you. Our team of dental professionals at DentalWorks – Carmel Village is proud to provide the straightforward cosmetic solution of teeth whitening as a lone treatment or combined with other aesthetic dentistry options. Using prescription-strength formulas chosen to meet your needs, teeth whitening is able to whiten your smile by up to several shades for dramatic improvement and restored self-esteem. Call us in Charlotte, NC today to learn more and see if expert teeth whitening is best for you.