Frequent Reasons And Recommended Treatments For Oral Pain

    Among the most frequent reasons for a toothache is a cavity, or “pit”. If not treated properly, a pit in the outer enamel of the tooth will creep into the tender inner pulp. After air or other various irritants get to the nerves within the tooth, you might begin to experience pain and temperature sensitivity. Based upon the degree of decay present, you might require a tooth-colored filling or root canal surgery to clean out any compromised tissue and keep the tooth.

    Beyond being exceptionally uncomfortable, toothaches can also be a hassle. Nevertheless, putting off treatment is generally not a great idea, as it can result in much bigger, more expensive dental issues later on. At the very first symptom of a toothache, we urge you to call DentalWorks – Durham to schedule a comprehensive exam at our practice. Our skilled dental professionals are devoted to assisting our patients in Durham, NC attain their healthiest, most confident smiles.