Get Your Best Smile With Implant Dentistry

One of the key benefits of implant-supported restorations is that they can be treated just like your regular teeth. You can still eat corn on the cob, caramel, and your other favorite foods without having to deal with your restoration getting pulled out. However, it is crucial to care for your teeth with a good home oral care routine. You must brush and floss your restoration and natural teeth at least twice a day. If you need help with your cleaning technique, our team at DentalWorks – Eastwood Niles is happy to demonstrate and give you tips during your appointment. You should continue to attend your annual oral health exam and bi-annual cleanings with your dentist in Niles, OH. In some cases, your dentist will recommend coming in more often for exams or cleanings. While restorations attached to implants are long-lasting, you may need to have them replaced. During your annual exam, your dentist will check the wear of your restoration and health of your implant(s) so they can recommend if you need a replacement.

Implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures can revitalize not only your smile, but also your life. Implant-supported restorations improve the appearance of your smile and get you back to daily activities such as eating, laughing, or talking with others without the worry of a gap in your smile or a restoration coming loose. Whether you replace a single tooth or a few missing teeth, implant-supported restorations can restore your confidence. To get more information, contact our office in Niles, OH and schedule an implant and restoration evaluation.