Gum Disease: The Major Facts Each Man And Woman Needs To Know

Taking care of your smile involves more effort than only making sure your teeth are white and even. The gums take on an important factor in your dental wellness, in addition to your general health. Since the majority of patients may assume their gums are healthy, they are usually startled when they are informed bad news. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a harmful condition that affects the gums around a patient’s teeth. The disease’s signs usually occur without discomfort. Several field observations have discovered a connection with periodontal disease and seemingly unrelated health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and some cancers, in addition to tooth loss.

In spite of this, there is welcome news: Periodontal disease can be prevented with effective oral care. The simplest method to prevent periodontal disease is to get oral care from talented dental professionals, like the team at DentalWorks – Clearwater. Our dentists have many years’ worth of know-how and skills in the field of periodontal dentistry to detect various conditions and treat gum disease.


Also called periodontal disease, gum disease is characterized as an infection of the gum tissue. Your gumline is the internal tissue that works to hold your teeth in their correct positions. Bad oral hygiene can lead a sticky bacteria known as plaque to gather and harden along the gum tissue. Even though toothbrushing and flossing may reduce a portion of the bacteria, plaque that’s not eliminated will turn into tartar and harden onto your enamel. Only an in-depth cleaning performed by a dental practitioner or dental assistant can properly get rid of tartar.

When sitting on the enamel, tartar and food particles operate in tandem to bring about a moderate stage of periodontal disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis forms as plaque gathers on the enamel and leads the surrounding gum tissue to become inflamed. Bacteria creates toxins that impact your gum tissues, leading them to be discolored and puffy and, often, leading to bleeding.

As gum disease evolves without treatment, future phases of periodontal disease might result in sore and bleeding tissues, difficulty chewing, and, possibly, tooth loss. This is why it’s crucial to diagnose and treat periodontal disease before infection spreads around your mouth.


Strong gums should be secure, pinkish, and fit tightly around your teeth. The initial signs of gum disease are commonly difficult to detect by a normal adult. It is critical to schedule regular visits with the dental team at DentalWorks – Clearwater. They will work to determine the early signals of gum disease during bi-annual cleanings and dental examinations. Symptoms of damaged gums include puffiness, bright red tissue, tenderness, bleeding, separation from the tooth, unneeded spaces around your teeth, foul breath, loose teeth, painful biting, and differences with your dental alignment.


When people come to the more severe phases of gum disease, they could require surgical procedures. The dental professionals in Clearwater, IN provide numerous surgical gum therapies, in particular gum grafts, gingival flap surgery, and more.

Periodontal disease often forces the gumline to regress, which will reveal a portion of the roots of the teeth. To revive the gum tissue, our team may perform a gum graft treatment. Typically, autografted connective tissue is used to carry out this treatment. The donor gum tissue is taken from the palate and sutured to your gums, which minimizes the root exposure.

Gum surgery could benefit people in Clearwater, IN with advanced periodontitis. Depending on the stage of your condition, there are a few methods we can use: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, or gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery shifts the gumline away from the tooth to expose the tooth roots and enable our dental practitioner to assess your situation. After this, our dentist will perform a deep cleaning to remove tartar and any damaged tissue. The loose gum tissue is then moved and sutured in the right location. Meanwhile, a gingivectomy removes and alters a section of the diseased tissue. This option is mostly done for people whose gum disease is more intense. Finally, a gingivoplasty is considered a cosmetic dental treatment that enhances and readjusts the gumline after your gum disease has been treated, restoring their proper health and appearing more natural.


The most ideal method to avoid periodontal disease is to develop an excellent home-based oral health regimen. Obeying this general set of rules may help guarantee that your beautiful smile endures for years to come:

Flossing is vital for excellent oral wellness.
Flossing a minimum of one time each day could help remove tartar that could be wedged in between your teeth. Cleaning your teeth is a vital aspect of a person’s oral health routine. However, it still cannot reach every crevice.

People need to brush their teeth a minimum of two times every day.
Individuals who clean their teeth after mealtimes help to eradicate plaque and buildup lodged in between their gums and teeth. It’s just as crucial to not forget about your tongue. Use your toothbrush to scrub your tongue, as this could get rid of excess bacteria.

Make use of toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride.
Men and women alike find it difficult to know which dental health products are the most effective. When browsing, seek out a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. When combined, the two oral products can improve the time it takes for germs and plaque to layer on the teeth.

Strive to visit your dental practitioner two times every year.
Set up consultations with your dental practitioner two times each year for an oral health assessment and cleaning. Dental assessments enable the staff at DentalWorks – Clearwater to detect issues like gingivitis when they initially develop. For individuals with dental fears, our Clearwater, IN office offers numerous sedation options to calm your nerves. This way, you can have your checkups and professional cleanings without difficulty.

Give up tobacco use.
People who use tobacco products (such as dipping, cigars, or e-cigarettes) are at a higher risk to get gum disease and oral cancer. Tobacco consumption affects your immune system. This can make it less easy for your body to fight off harmful germs and jump back later on.


Preventive dental care is needed for the battle against periodontal disease. Look for a dental professional you trust, and make sure to come to their office two times a year for checkups and professional cleanings. At DentalWorks – Clearwater, we are skilled at preventing, detecting, and treating periodontal disease, including many other oral health issues. Call our staff today to arrange a session and start your path toward excellent dental health.