How Biannual Dental Cleanings Are Critical To Your Total Wellness

When your dental team is evaluating your mouth regularly, oral problems can often be diagnosed and treated more conservatively.

  • Supporting general health and wellness: It is widely understood that a healthy oral environment helps support a healthy immune system and systemic health. Numerous research studies have shown the relationship between a range of medical issues (like heart disease, diabetes, and dementia) and gum disease. Additionally, cavities damage the teeth, which can impact oral function and ultimately overall health if they are not treated in a timely manner. Maintaining routine dental cleanings can help create a healthy oral environment that goes a long way toward supporting general health and well-being.
    Biannual dental cleanings are essential to keeping up with the groundwork for good oral and overall wellness. Life gets busy, and it is often easy to put off preventive dental care. But keeping routine dental cleaning visits can bring great value to your oral and overall well-being. At DentalWorks РAlcoa, we are pleased to offer high-quality, affordable dental care for local patients. Book your family’s dental cleaning visits at our Alcoa, TN office today and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, bright smile.