How Fluoride Treatments Could Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

Naturally occurring in many water sources, fluoride is a mineral that possesses a lot of dental benefits. Fluoride improves the enamel’s framework and it safeguard from cavities. Fluoride also aids patients with developing or feeble teeth and might address tiny cavities that have recently established. DentalWorks – Avon provides dental fluoride services for our Avon, OH patients to elevate their oral wellness, regardless of their age.

Oftentimes, fluoride is essential for children around the ages of 6 months to 16 years because this period is when a lot of the primary teeth come in. Even so, older individuals could take advantage of fluoride treatments as well. At our practice in Avon, OH, we understand that these treatments are as vital in improving growing teeth as they are in defending against tooth decay.


A number of aspects of fluoride have a positive effect on the teeth, such as:

  • Slowing down the absence of minerals in tooth enamel
  • Reducing instances of and fixing early
  • Stopping harmful plaque
  • Strengthening compromised enamel

Fluoride is generally found in water and in tiny amounts in many foods. Even if your teeth are often introduced to fluoride in the food and beverages you eat and drink, it’s improbable to receive an adequate amount of fluoride from food and water alone.


The application of fluoride to the enamel can be done using two approaches: external or internal. Topical distribution helps patients of different age groups; meanwhile, the other is ideal for kids because their adult teeth are forming underneath the gums. At DentalWorks – Avon, dental fluoride services are performed twice a year after a thorough cleaning and evaluation. The cleaned teeth are dried, and the fluoride is painted on and left on the surfaces for no more than four minutes at a time. To ensure that the varnish fully sinks into your teeth, you will be asked not to eat, drink, or smoke from a pipe or cigarette for at least 30 minutes following your oral fluoride appointment.

Fluoride is also contained in water. When it’s swallowed, it travels along the body and the teeth strengthen. Toddlers who take in water composed of a small amount to virtually no fluoride may require a prescription to help their teeth emerge properly.
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All patients need a specific amount of fluoride depending on their risk of developing cavities. When you practice a proper home-based dental hygiene routine and steer clear of sweet and acidic food and beverages, your odds of developing tooth decay might be decreased. As it pertains to young ones, in the case that a large amount of fluoride is absorbed, teeth can be grooved or have mismatched colors.
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This problem is known as enamel fluorosis and could lead to small pale stripes or spots on the tooth enamel. Even if it’s not ultimately harmful, it may lead to the essentiality of aesthetic dentistry solutions.

Adults who take in too much fluoride might be more prone to discomfort or bone breaks, referred to as skeletal fluorosis. This might likely cause pain and harm to some bones and cartilage. In case you’re curious about your fluoride ingestion, contact our professional team in Avon, OH.


DentalWorks – Avon performs oral fluorosis treatments for our clients. Our skilled dental professionals can perform a comprehensive oral examination to figure out whether or not fluoride services are right for you. In the end, the benefits of fluoride are ideal for the majority of individuals since it reinforces your enamel along with reducing your risk of getting cavities. To discover more regarding dental fluorosis services, or to schedule a visit to our Avon, OH practice, get in touch with our professional team when you can.


Fluoride is beneficial for oral health because:

  • It slows down mineral loss (demineralization) from tooth enamel

  • It remineralizes weakened tooth enamel

  • It reverses any early signs of tooth decay

  • It prevents harmful oral bacteria growth

When bacteria break down sugar and carbs in your mouth, acid is produced that eats away at the minerals within your tooth enamel. Weakened tooth enamel makes your teeth more vulnerable to harmful bacteria that can later cause cavities.
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