How Important Is It To Get Yearly Dental Examinations? Very Important!

No tooth pain usually means no dental issues, right? Not necessarily. If you are just going to the dentist whenever you’ve got an issue, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. A dental examination is an important part of proactive oral care plan. Annual dental examinations by a dentist in Dublin, OH are designed to catch small problems before they turn into big problems and improve your dental health so that you are able to stay away from future issues. At DentalWorks – Dublin, our experienced team provides yearly dental examinations for infants, kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors as part of a proactive health plan. Regardless of how old you are or how long it’s been since you went to the dentist, get a dental examination for everyone in your household at our office in Dublin, OH.

It is never too soon to begin going to the dentist. Before your baby celebrates their first birthday, they should also have their very first trip to a dentist. In your child’s very first dental exam, the dentist will assess their gums and monitor their teeth as they begin to erupt. Throughout a baby’s very first dental examination, your dentist may give you advice about boosting your child’s oral health, such as tips on brushing, and answer common questions, such as bottle rot and thumb sucking. While your infant’s very first dental check-up should not take long, it is very important to their future wellbeing.

When you have kids, it is essential to be sure they are going to the dentist each year for an examination. This helps build good habits that can give them a life of good dental health. Throughout a kid’s yearly examination, the dentist will typically look for cavities and other issues. The dentist may check your kid’s brushing habits and might provide a few tips to help develop their dental hygiene routine. Your dentist may also help you determine if your child should go to an orthodontist to fix their bite.

Many people avoid their yearly exam due to stress or a fear of the dentist (dentophobia). At DentalWorks – Dublin, we do our very best to understand and relieve your fears so that you have a good experience. Our staff will describe what’s going to happen before we start your dental health exam and offer you as many breaks as you want to feel safe. In addition, we offer you multiple kinds of sedation that may be used during your regular visits to help you stay calm. For many patients, nitrous oxide gas (also called laughing gas) or an oral-conscious medicine (typically an anti-anxiety prescription medication, such as Valium or Halcion) may be taken to help keep you awake, but relaxed and calm throughout your appointment. If you or your kid want sedation dentistry, you’ll need a consultation with your dentist prior to your dental examination to ascertain whether sedation may be safely utilized, which is most effective, what you should expect during your visit, and whether you’ll have the ability to drive after.

There are five parts to a basic dental exam — digital x-rays, checking for cavities, looking for gum disease, an oral cancer exam, and a consultation. Based on your dental health, your examination may be brief or it could take somewhat longer.

    If your gums are red or inflamed, your dentist may measure your gum pockets. If they’re more than three millimeters, they might suggest a scaling and root planing procedure to eliminate buildup and rejuvenate your gums.
    During your annual dental examination, a simple set of digital x-rays will be needed so that your dentist can look for issues, like impacted teeth, dental abscesses, and areas of decay. Every couple of years, your dental team might suggest a complete mouth set, which will include your gums, teeth, and jaw. This helps your dental team check for jaw damage, tumors, and other issues.
    Once your dental examination is complete, your dentist will speak with you regarding any issues they discovered. If there are issues, your dentist will talk about your treatment choices and create your custom plan. This is a good time to ask your dentist any questions that you might have or ask them to check out your flossing and brushing technique.
    Throughout your cleaning, your dental team will look for cavities in your teeth. This may consist of utilizing an electronic cavity sensor or using a manual instrument to search for weak sections of enamel. When the enamel is weak, but a cavity has not yet formed, you might be able to avoid a filling through a fluoride treatment as well as great oral care at home.
    A significant part of each dental examination is looking for symptoms of oral cancer. This begins with a visual check of your gums, soft tissue, tongue, and lips as the dentist checks for abnormalities. Following this, the dentist will feel your jaw and throat to look for growths. If your dental practitioner discovers any early symptoms of oral cancer, then they will recommend a specialist for a biopsy and therapy.

Ensure you and your loved ones have beautiful, healthy smiles by getting yearly dental exams with a dentist in Dublin, OH. Routine dental examinations check for oral health problems (for instance, gum disease and cavities) so you can stop or treat them before they become large, painful issues. At DentalWorks – Dublin, we perform dental examinations for individuals of all ages. Our staff is gentle and compassionate so you have a positive experience, making is easier to return each year. In case you’ve got dental fears or anxiety about going to the dentist, schedule a consultation for sedation dentistry, which can help keep you relaxed and calm throughout your dental exam. We hope to see you along with your entire family soon!