How Lost Teeth Hurt Many Aspects Of A Person’s Oral Health

About 175 – 180 million people in the United States have experienced issues with losing one or several teeth. When the majority of patients consider tooth loss, the aesthetic impact on their smile is typically their first worry. However, what you may not realize is that losing teeth in any capacity can affect more than just the beauty of your smile. The teeth take on a more vital role in your oral health and overall wellness than simply creating the look of an appealing, bright smile.

Immediately restoring missing teeth with a beneficial solution offers the most favorable results for oral health. At DentalWorks – Belden Plaza, our highly qualified team of dentists is delighted to offer a spectrum of tooth replacement solutions to help patients in Canton, OH overcome tooth loss and experience boosted oral health.

Inadequately functioning teeth may need to be extracted in an effort to save your oral health and reduce the potential for issues for the long term. A number of the most typical causes of tooth loss are advanced gum disease, severe bone loss, acute tooth decay, infection, or trauma. More conditions that might require a person to receive a tooth removal are cracked teeth, fractured tooth roots, or severe damage.

When one or numerous teeth are lost, it affects a large range of factors relating to your mouth, oral wellness, and basic daily life. Several people go through noteworthy problems when missing a tooth, like:

General Oral Function
Missing even just one tooth may affect your ability to chew and speak with comfort. A missing tooth might interfere with the ability to consume certain foods and lead you to have a lisp.

Your Cosmetic Appeal
Aside from creating a gap in the smile, losing a single tooth or several teeth can lead to a person’s facial structures looking deflated near the mouth and mandible. The teeth help to keep a more attractive shape to the facial features and mandible.

Tooth Placement
Even though a few people may not know this, the teeth actually depend on one another to hold their proper location within the mouth. If teeth are gone, the surrounding teeth tend to shift into this gap.

Jawbone Weakening
Your jawbone depends on regular interaction from the tooth roots to remain in good standing. When teeth fall out, the jawbone isn’t supported by this structure, which causes it to deteriorate. Bone weakening has its own set of consequences and may make it more difficult to replace missing teeth using dental implants.

The Effect On A Patient’s Well-Being
Having missing teeth might impact numerous aspects of your well-being. From issues with normal oral function to reduced self-esteem, lost teeth can have a huge impact on your overall lifestyle, smile, and oral health.

Our skilled Canton, OH dental practitioners provide custom-made dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges to help you overcome losing a single tooth or many teeth. We utilize the best ceramic and titanium to create restorations to return your oral functions and the visual quality of your smile. Each of these tooth replacement methods may be personalized to meet your unique needs.

Removable Dentures
Removable dentures can be partial or full-arch appliances that fill in for missing teeth in the top or bottom arches. Partial appliances clasp around the permanent teeth to hold their position, while full dentures are affixed to the gums through natural jaw contours or a tiny quantity of denture paste.

Effective Implant-Supported Solutions
Dental implants involve a metal post that acts as a man-made tooth root and a crown, bridge, or denture that’s firmly joined to the screw. When joined together, these pieces accurately replicate the structure, function, and look of real teeth. Dental implants are held securely by the bone to provide lasting stability for tooth replacement.

Fixed Or Removable Custom-Made Dental Bridges
A bridge substitutes for one or many teeth missing from the same region within the mouth. Dental bridges are a row of crowns that are adjoined to work as a single appliance and replace one or a few teeth. These appliances can be implant-supported or supported by nearby teeth, depending on your unique case.

Using innovative technology, replacing missing teeth with affordable dentures, implants, and fixed or removable bridges can help you gain better dental health and a self-assured appearance. When tooth loss begins to hurt your daily life, we urge you to call our experienced team of dental professionals in Canton, OH to set up an appointment.