How Lost Teeth Hurt Many Aspects Of An Individual’s Oral Health

An estimated 175 – 180 million adults in America have run into concerns relating to missing one or multiple teeth. When many men and women think of tooth loss, the aesthetic impact on their smile is typically their prime worry. What you might not realize is losing teeth in any capacity can influence more than the appearance of your smile. Teeth take on a more important role in an individual’s dental health and general wellness than merely contributing to the appearance of a beautiful, vibrant smile.

Immediately restoring lost teeth with a reliable solution provides the most viable outcomes for oral health. At DentalWorks – Cranberry Township, our experienced staff of dental practitioners is pleased to offer a spectrum of tooth replacement solutions to help individuals in Cranberry Township, PA overcome tooth loss and experience improved dental wellness.

Inadequately functioning teeth might have to be removed to maintain a patient’s dental health and reduce the chances for concerns for the long term. A few of the more common causes of missing teeth are advanced gum disease, significant bone deterioration, acute tooth decay, infection, or injury. Various other factors that might require a patient to receive a tooth removal are broken teeth, fractured tooth roots, or irreparable damage.

When a single tooth or a few teeth are lost, it impacts a vast range of factors relating to your mouth, dental health, and overall daily life. Several individuals deal with significant problems when missing a tooth, such as:

General Oral Function
Missing even a single tooth could hinder your capability to chew and communicate with ease. A missing tooth may interfere with the ability to bite into particular foods and lead you to speak with a lisp.

The Cosmetic Appeal
Besides leaving an opening in the smile, losing a tooth or several teeth may result in an individual’s facial structures sinking near the mouth and jawline. The teeth help to maintain a plumper contour to the face and jawline.

Tooth Location
While many people may not know this, the teeth depend on each other to retain their correct position in the mouth. When teeth are gone, the adjacent and opposing teeth may shift into this opening.

Bone Decline
The jawbone depends on regular interaction from your tooth roots to be in ideal standing. When teeth fall out, the jawbone isn’t supported by this stimulus, which leads it to deteriorate. Bone loss carries its own unique range of concerns and might make it more challenging to substitute lost teeth with implants.

The Influence On Your Well-Being
The loss of a tooth may change several areas of your well-being. From issues with regular oral function to diminished self-confidence, missing teeth can have a notable influence on your overall way of living, smile, and oral health.

Our experienced Cranberry Township, PA dentists offer traditional removable dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges to enable you to bounce back from missing a tooth or many teeth. We use the best materials to craft tooth replacements to improve your dental functions and the visual appeal of your smile. Each of the following tooth replacement procedures can be individualized to match your unique preferences.

Removable Dentures
Dentures are partial or full-arch appliances that replace lost teeth along the top or bottom arches. Partial dentures attach to the natural teeth to keep their placement, while full dentures fit snugly onto the gumline via jaw contours or a tiny quantity of denture paste.

Advanced Implant-Supported Solutions
Implants comprise a metal screw that serves as a man-made tooth root, as well as a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture that’s anchored to the screw. When utilized together, these elements brilliantly mirror the build, abilities, and look of real teeth. Implants are fastened within the jawbone to provide sustainable durability for tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Or Removable Customized Dental Bridges
A bridge replaces one or several teeth absent from a localized space within the mouth. Bridges are composed of a set of dental crowns that are fused together to create a single appliance and replace one or several teeth. These restorations might be supported by implants or secured to nearby teeth, depending on your preferences.

Using contemporary techniques, replacing missing teeth with effective partial or full dentures, implants, and bridges might help you achieve good oral health and an elevated appearance. When tooth loss threatens to harm your daily life, we ask you to get in touch with our knowledgeable team of dental professionals in Cranberry Township, PA to set up a one-on-one.