How Missing Teeth Affect Many Aspects Of Your Smile

About 175 – 180 million individuals in the United States have encountered concerns with losing one or numerous teeth. As the majority of patients think of tooth loss, the cosmetic impact on their smile is typically their first worry. What you may not realize is missing teeth, even just one, can impact much more than just the appearance of your smile. The teeth have a more vital role in your oral health and general well-being than simply contributing to the look of an attractive, glowing smile.

Promptly restoring missing teeth with a reliable option provides the most favorable results for oral health. At DentalWorks – Anderson, our knowledgeable team of dental practitioners is proud to perform a spectrum of tooth replacement solutions to help men and women in Anderson, SC overcome tooth loss and enjoy optimal dental wellness.

Poorly functioning teeth may have to be extracted to preserve a person’s dental wellness and minimize the risk of problems for the long term. Several of the more frequent causes of tooth loss include advanced periodontal disease, significant jawbone deterioration, acute tooth decay, abscesses, or injury. Other conditions that may require someone to receive a tooth removal are chipped teeth, fractured roots, or serious damage.

If one or many teeth are lost, it impacts a wide scope of factors regarding your mouth, oral health, and overall quality of life. Numerous patients deal with huge problems when missing a tooth, including:

General Dental Function
Missing even just one tooth could hinder your capability to bite into food and communicate with comfort. A lost tooth could interfere with the ability to chew some types of foods and make you talk with a lisp.

The Cosmetic Appearance
Apart from leaving a space in the smile, losing a tooth or multiple teeth could result in your facial structures appearing sunken around the mouth and cheeks. A person’s teeth help to add a more desirable contour to the facial features and jawline.

Tooth Location
While a number of patients may not know this, the teeth actually need one another to maintain their proper location within the mouth. When teeth are lost, the surrounding teeth often shift into the opening.

Jawbone Weakening
The jawbone depends on regular stimulation from the tooth roots to be in ideal health. If teeth are lost, the jawbone doesn’t have this stimulus, which leads it to deteriorate. Bone loss has its own range of problems and might make it harder to restore missing teeth with dental implants.

The Effect On A Person’s Well-Being
A missing tooth can change many facets of your health. From difficulty with proper oral function to decreased self-assurance, lost teeth can have a notable impact on your entire lifestyle, smile, and dental wellness.

Our skilled Anderson, SC dentists offer affordable removable dentures, implants, and implant-supported or removable bridges to allow you to bounce back from missing a tooth or many teeth. We use medical-grade materials to craft dentures to return your dental functions and the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Every one of the following tooth restoration options could be individualized to address your particular needs.

Traditional Dentures
Dentures are partial or full-arch devices that replace lost teeth along the upper and bottom arches. Partial dentures rely on the natural teeth to keep their placement, while full-arch dentures sit firmly on the gum tissue through jaw contours or a tiny quantity of denture paste.

Effective Implant-Supported Solutions
Implant-supported restorations comprise a metal post that serves as a man-made tooth root, as well as a crown, dental bridge, or denture that’s fastened to the screw. When joined together, these pieces brilliantly duplicate the build, function, and look of natural teeth. Dental implants integrate with the bone to offer long-term durability for tooth replacement.

Fixed Or Removable Customized Bridges
A dental bridge fills in for one or multiple teeth absent from the same space in the mouth. Dental bridges are a series of crowns that are fused together to create one restoration and replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. These restorations could be affixed to the jaw or attached to nearby teeth, based on your needs.

With the latest dental techniques, restoring lost teeth with personalized dentures, dental implants, and bridges can help you achieve better dental health and a glowing appearance. When tooth loss starts to harm your day-to-day life, we welcome you to contact our experienced staff of dentists in Anderson, SC to set up an evaluation.