How Missing Teeth Affect Several Areas Of A Person’s Smile

Approximately 178 million people in the country have encountered concerns with losing one or several teeth. When the majority of adults think of missing teeth, the cosmetic impact on the smile is typically their prime concern. However, what you might not know is missing teeth in any capacity will often affect far more than just the beauty of your smile. The teeth take on a more critical part in an individual’s dental health and overall well-being than merely creating the look of a gorgeous, bright smile.

Quickly restoring missing teeth with a beneficial treatment produces the most favorable outcomes for oral health. At DentalWorks – Crystal Lake, our skilled team of dental professionals is happy to offer an array of tooth restoration procedures to help men and women in Crystal Lake, IL address tooth loss and enjoy better oral health.

Poorly functioning teeth might need to be taken out in order to help an individual’s dental wellness and reduce the chances for concerns in the future. Some of the more common causes of tooth loss include progressive periodontal disease, severe jawbone deterioration, acute tooth decay, abscesses, or injury. Other conditions that can require an individual to get an extraction are broken teeth, fractured tooth roots, or serious damage.

When one or a few teeth are lost, it affects a wide array of factors pertaining to your mouth, dental wellness, and overall quality of life. Numerous patients deal with noteworthy issues when missing a tooth, including:

Total Dental Function
Missing even one tooth might impact your capability to bite into food and talk with comfort. A lost tooth could get in the way of the ability to consume particular foods and lead you to have a lisp.

The Aesthetic Appeal
Aside from creating a gap in the smile, missing a single tooth or many teeth might result in your facial structures sagging near the mouth and cheeks. The teeth help to maintain a more normal contour to the facial features and mandible.

Tooth Positioning
Although many adults may not be aware of this, the teeth actually need each other to hold their proper placement within the mouth. If teeth are gone, the surrounding teeth tend to migrate into the opening.

Bone Deterioration
The jawbone needs daily stimulation from your tooth roots to remain in ideal shape. If teeth go missing, the bone can’t rely on this stimulus, causing it to deteriorate. Bone deterioration has its own unique set of side effects and can make it more challenging to restore missing teeth with dental implants.

The Impact On A Patient’s Life
The loss of a tooth might change multiple parts of your well-being. Ranging from problems with normal oral function to decreased self-esteem, missing teeth usually have a critical impact on your entire life, smile, and oral health.

Our talented Crystal Lake, IL dental professionals provide affordable dentures, implants, and fixed or removable bridges to allow you to overcome missing a tooth or multiple teeth. We use high-quality ceramic and titanium to create dentures to return your dental functions and the cosmetic appeal of your smile. All of these tooth restoration solutions could be customized to address your unique preferences.

Full or Partial Dentures
Removable dentures can be partial or full-arch devices that replace missing teeth along the top and bottom arches. Partial denture appliances rely on the remaining teeth to keep their placement, while full dentures are affixed to the gum tissue via jaw contours or a minimal quantity of denture glue.

Effective Implant-Supported Solutions
Implants involve a metal post that serves as a stand-in tooth root, as well as a dental crown, bridge, or denture that’s joined to the post. When combined together, these elements accurately duplicate the build, capabilities, and aesthetics of permanent teeth. Implants merge with the jawbone to offer long-term stability for tooth restoration.

Implant-Supported Or Removable Customized Dental Bridges
A dental bridge substitutes for one or several teeth missing from a confined region in the mouth. Dental bridges are composed of a set of dental crowns that are adjoined to act as one restoration and fill in for a single tooth or a few teeth. These appliances may be implant-supported or supported by nearby teeth, depending on your needs.

With contemporary dental techniques, restoring missing teeth with personalized dentures, implants, and bridges may help you gain good oral health and a bright appearance. If tooth loss begins to affect your daily life, we ask you to reach out to our experienced staff of dental professionals in Crystal Lake, IL to arrange an appointment.