How Missing Teeth Impact Several Parts Of A Patient’s Oral Health

Roughly 178 million individuals nationally have run into problems with missing a single tooth or multiple teeth.
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When many adults consider missing teeth, the aesthetic appeal of the smile is commonly their initial worry. The fact you might not be aware of is that missing teeth in any capacity can influence much more than just the beauty of your smile. Teeth take on a more crucial role in your dental health and overall well-being than simply creating the look of an appealing, bright smile.

Quickly restoring lost teeth with a suitable treatment provides the most ideal outcomes for the smile. At DentalWorks – Avon, our expert team of dental professionals is delighted to perform a range of tooth replacement treatments to help those in Avon, OH overcome tooth loss and enjoy improved oral wellness.

Poorly functioning teeth might need to be extracted in order to preserve an individual’s oral health and minimize the risk of concerns for the long term. A number of the most frequent causes of tooth loss include advanced periodontal disease, significant bone weakening, extensive tooth decay, infection, or injury. Various other factors that could require a person to get an extraction are cracked teeth, fractured roots, or serious wear.

When one or many teeth are missing, it affects a wide spectrum of factors regarding your mouth, dental health, and general daily life. Many patients deal with noteworthy issues after losing a tooth, such as:

Total Oral Function
Missing even just one tooth might hurt your capability to bite into food and communicate with ease. A missing tooth may interfere with your ability to chew certain foods and cause you to speak with a lisp.

Your Visual Appearance
Aside from creating a gap between the teeth, missing one or several teeth can result in an individual’s facial structures sinking near the mouth and jawline. The teeth help to add a more youthful shape to the facial structures and mandible.

Tooth Placement
Although a number of people might not be aware of this, the teeth rely on each other to retain their correct placement within the mouth. If teeth are gone, the adjacent and opposing teeth could migrate into this space.

Bone Decline
Your jawbone depends on regular stimulation from your tooth roots to stay in its best condition. If teeth are lost, the bone can’t rely on this structure, which leads it to break down. Jawbone loss has its own unique set of issues and may make it more difficult to substitute lost teeth using implants.
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The Impact On A Person’s Well-Being
The loss of a tooth could influence many elements of your health. Ranging from problems with normal oral function to decreased self-confidence, missing teeth tend to have a huge influence on your entire life, smile, and dental wellness.

Our highly trained Avon, OH dental practitioners create personalized removable dentures, implants, and dental bridges to enable you to overcome missing one or many teeth. We use medical-grade ceramic and metal to create pieces to return your oral structures and the cosmetic quality of your smile. Every one of these tooth restoration methods could be personalized to meet your particular preferences.

Traditional Dentures
Dentures are partial or full-arch pieces that replace missing teeth in the top and bottom arches. Partial denture appliances rely on the natural teeth to stay in place, while full-arch dentures are affixed to the gumline via jaw contours or a tiny quantity of denture paste.

Efficient Implant-Supported Solutions
Implant-supported restorations are made up of a metal post that serves as a man-made tooth root, as well as a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture that’s securely anchored to the post. When joined together, these elements closely duplicate the structure, function, and look of permanent teeth. Implants are fastened within the jawbone to produce sustainable stability for tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Or Removable Custom-Crafted Dental Bridges
A dental bridge substitutes for one or more teeth missing from a localized region within the mouth. Dental bridges take the form of a set of dental crowns that are fused together to act as one restoration and take the place of a single tooth or more teeth.
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These restorations can be affixed to the jaw or supported by nearby teeth, depending on your needs.

Due to contemporary technology, restoring missing teeth with custom-made partial or full dentures, implants, and implant-supported or removable bridges could help you gain better dental health and an elevated appearance. Before tooth loss begins to negatively influence your quality of life, we encourage you to get in touch with our experienced team of dental practitioners in Avon, OH to schedule a visit.