How Routine Dental Cleanings Help To Keep Your Mouth In Good Health

Sticking to a regular routine of tooth brushing and flossing every morning and night is essential to ensure that your dental wellness is in excellent shape. But what a majority of individuals fail to realize is that teeth cleanings done by a dental hygienist are just as necessary for your oral health. Regular teeth cleanings, also referred to as prophylaxis, are a general dentistry service that removes buildup and polishes the surface. Getting your teeth scaled and polished on a regular basis may keep plaque, buildup, discoloration, and numerous other problems at bay. Removing calcified tartar from the mouth may also get your teeth and gum tissue into better shape, as well as refresh your breath.

Going to your dentist twice a year for dental cleanings is an important aspect of each person’s oral care plan. Our highly qualified team of dentists and hygienists uses modern methods to perform general oral care services and improve the health and happiness of Brunswick, OH individuals. When you require a biannual teeth cleaning or have other oral wellness issues, DentalWorks – Brunswick strives to be your trusted provider of oral care. We welcome you to skim this piece so you can learn everything you should know when it comes to routine dental cleanings and the ways this important dentistry treatment may support your smile, today and well into the future.

A routine dental cleaning at DentalWorks – Brunswick will be tailored depending on your specific oral requirements. Other preventive oral care services may also be administered at a cleaning session to enable you to get the most benefits out of your meetings with the dentist. The other procedures can involve teeth sealants and fluoride gel. Teeth cleanings by our highly trained Brunswick, OH team are comprehensive and individually tailored to enable you to achieve your best smile.

At the start of your session, our team will ask about your medical history
Brunswick, OH people are often taken aback to learn that their oral health may have an impact on their general physical well-being. Prior to your professional cleaning, your medical history, along with any medications or supplements that you’ve been prescribed, will be carefully reviewed. Doing this often gives our staff a more comprehensive knowledge of your overall physical health and how it could connect to your dental standing.

From there, someone on our team will scale and polish your teeth.
The bulk of your dental cleaning appointment will be spent eliminating plaque and bacteria from your enamel. Food particles and buildup establish a home where dangerous bacteria live and produce toxins that may eventually decay oral structures, including the teeth. Our highly qualified hygienists at DentalWorks – Brunswick can thoroughly scale the plaque and tartar from your enamel to boost your dental health and decrease the chances of certain issues, including damage to the enamel and gum disease. Yellowing or stains that have developed on the teeth from caffeinated drinks or different products can also be polished off to produce a whiter and more beautiful appeal to your smile.

Fluoride treatments can be administered to kids or teens who easily develop tooth decay.
A fluoride treatment is a common solution we perform to strengthen the teeth and guard them from the formation of decay. The product is usually recommended for kids, but it could equally be useful for adolescents and adults who display signs of early-stage decay, a history of cavities, exposed root surfaces, or other points of concern. To benefit patients who are at a higher risk of developing cavities, fluoride could be applied to the enamel near the conclusion of their dental cleaning appointment.

Routine dental cleanings are often recommended about twice a year, but those who have periodontal disease or different oral concerns could need cleanings three or four times a year. Our talented Brunswick, OH staff will evaluate your needs and help you decide the prophylaxis frequency that’s appropriate to make sure your teeth and gumline are in the ideal shape.

The smile is often one of our best traits. Getting professional dental cleanings is crucial to be sure that your smile is glowing, aesthetically appealing, and in good shape. To make this possible, it’s essential that you choose a dentist who is equally as devoted to the wellness of your teeth as you are. The team of oral care professionals at DentalWorks – Brunswick is passionate about enhancing the well-being of our many patients with a one-on-one approach to oral care. We welcome local individuals to contact our Brunswick, OH practice at your earliest convenience and arrange an appointment for a routine teeth cleaning.