How Routine Professional Cleanings May Keep Your Mouth In Good Health

Maintaining a regular system of tooth brushing and flossing every morning and evening is important to make sure that your dental wellness is in great standing. However, what a number of individuals fail to realize is that teeth cleanings from a dental hygienist are equally vital to your oral health. Biannual teeth cleanings, also known as prophylaxis, are a preventive dental care service that removes plaque and polishes the enamel. Having your enamel professionally scaled and polished on a regular schedule can help to keep plaque, tartar, stain accumulation, and several other issues controlled. Eliminating calcified tartar could also get your teeth and gumline into their best shape, as well as refresh your breath.

Visiting your dentist two times per year for routine cleanings is an essential part of each person’s oral health regimen. Our talented team of dentists and hygienists utilizes modern techniques to perform standard oral care services and elevate the health and lives of Cary, NC residents. If you need a biannual teeth cleaning or have other oral wellness concerns, DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads aspires to be your trusted source for oral treatment. We welcome you to look through this online source so you can discover what things you need to know about professional teeth cleanings and the ways this important dentistry service could help your smile, today and well into the future.
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Your biannual teeth cleaning at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads will be modified depending on your unique wellness requirements.
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Various other preventive dental care treatments might also be provided at a cleaning session to enable you to get the most benefits following your trips to the dentist. These other treatments might include teeth sealants and fluoride applications. Teeth cleanings by our friendly Cary, NC team are thorough and designed to help you attain your healthiest smile.

At the beginning of your session, one of our hygienists will learn about your medical past
Cary, NC patients are frequently shocked to discover that their dental health may have an effect on their overall physical wellness. Prior to your teeth cleaning, your medical past, along with all drugs or supplements that you take, will be carefully reviewed. This often gives our staff a broader knowledge of your total physical health and the ways it might relate to your oral wellness.

From there, someone on our highly trained staff will scale your teeth.
The bulk of your biannual cleaning session will be devoted to eradicating plaque and buildup from your enamel. Plaque and buildup create a home in which damaging bacteria exist and produce acids that may potentially deteriorate certain oral structures, including the teeth. The exceptional professionals at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads can thoroughly eradicate the plaque and buildup from your teeth to help improve your dental wellness and minimize the risks of a number of problems, such as cavities and periodontal disease. Enamel stains that have built up on the teeth from tea, coffee, or various other foods can also be eliminated for a whiter and cleaner look to your smile.

Fluoride treatments could be administered to children or teens who easily develop cavities.
A fluoride treatment is a general care option we provide to fortify the teeth and defend against the formation of cavities. This treatment is typically performed for children, but it can equally be useful for adolescents and men and women who have signs of early decay, problems with cavities, exposed root surfaces, and various other areas of worry. To help individuals who are at a greater risk for tooth decay, fluoride could be layered on the enamel near the last part of their dental cleaning appointment.

Routine teeth cleanings are usually recommended a minimum of twice annually, but people who have periodontal disease or different dental issues could receive cleanings three or four times a year.
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Our skilled Cary, NC staff will identify your needs and help you decide the prophylaxis schedule that’s appropriate to ensure your teeth and gumline are in the ideal condition.

The smile is often one of our most valuable features. Getting regular dental cleanings is important to make sure that your smile is bright, cosmetically pleasing, and in excellent shape. To make this possible, it’s essential that you choose a dental professional who is just as committed to the wellness of your oral structures as you are. The team of oral care practitioners at DentalWorks – Cary Crossroads is devoted to enhancing the well-being of our wonderful patients with a one-on-one approach to dental care. We welcome you to call our Cary, NC office soon to arrange an appointment for a biannual teeth cleaning.