How To Eliminate Yellowing On Your Teeth

In the event that you are searching for ways to lighten your teeth, professional teeth whitening at DentalWorks – Concord may be worthwhile. Medical-grade teeth whitening provided at our Kannapolis, NC facility is safe and effective. Teeth whitening is one of the top aesthetic procedures performed to lighten the appearance of the smile. Depending on the teeth brightening method selected, results can be quite striking. To start off your journey in gaining a brighter smile, contact our talented team as soon as you can.

At DentalWorks – Concord, our dental professionals will create a custom teeth whitening plan that will work to you reach your cosmetic goals. Our dentists will review any necessary oral procedures that must be conducted before teeth whitening. Based on your dental situation, it might be vital to wait on receiving restorations. Additionally, spot removal can be more difficult for people who currently have dental crowns. Our skilled team can determine whether laser or take-home teeth whitening works best for your dental health circumstances.

Advanced teeth whitening uses high-concentration bleaching substances that aren’t accessible over the counter. There are three main teeth whitening methods at our Kannapolis, NC office:

  • In-office lightening: Zoom! WhiteSpeed our patients the quickest results. First, the gumline is shielded to ensure that there no. A special gel is then put on, which is kept on the teeth for up to an hour. As soon as it is cleaned off, the teeth will be substantially brighter with one treatment. There is practically no tooth sensitivity after this method.
  • Laser teeth bleaching: To perform laser teeth whitening, our staff can eliminate spots and yellowing with advanced medical technology. Our dental professional will individualize your service to you achieve your goals and guarantee that your results are long-lasting. To begin, the teeth will be polished, and a guard is applied to cover the gum tissue. From there, a whitening gel is distributed and activated with a unique light. Based on the current tooth shade, this gel might be painted on no more than three times throughout one treatment.
  • Take-home brightening: For at-home teeth brightening, our team can craft a mold of your teeth with two pliant mouth liners. You will fill the trays with the bleaching gel provided by our dental practitioner as it’s necessary. The period of time you your trays will be reviewed during your one-on-one and cannot go over 60 minutes.

Practicing a good at-home oral hygiene regimen is important to ensure that your teeth lightening outcomes are long-term. Additionally, you must have regular dental examinations and professional cleanings your teeth and gum tissues in wonderful condition. After your treatment, you must avoid foods and drinks that may result in yellowing. If you smoke cigarettes, you could alter your outcomes.

Patients need to have an initial in-office bleaching procedure one time a year and whiten the teeth at home in between appointments to keep up with their outcomes. Nevertheless, every person’s teeth whitening program may have a different regimen based on their specific dental health situation and the color of their enamel. At your starting appointment, our experienced dentists can discuss more information.


Advanced teeth whitening is an excellent approach to elevate the appearance of your smile. At our practice, our oral health providers will help you to drastically brighten your smile after only one session. Our professional whitening treatments can easily fix stained teeth. To book a consultation and find out if medical-grade teeth brightening is the best choice for your needs, call our Kannapolis, NC office today. We are thrilled to help you reveal a gorgeous smile that may last a long time.


There are many reasons why you may get stains or discoloration on your teeth. Some of the most common causes of stains on the teeth include:

  • Food and beverages: Things such as coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice, berries, beets, soda, and dark-colored vinegar can all stain the teeth.

  • Smoking: Tobacco naturally yellows the teeth leading to discoloration.

  • Aging: Over time, the outer enamel layer gets thinner from brushing and more of the yellow dentin shows.

  • Medications: Certain high blood pressure medications, antihistamines, and even antipsychotics can lead to tooth darkening.

Thanks to advancements in teeth whitening technology, teeth whitening can improve a smile. After just one treatment, many patients see their teeth become several shades whiter.