How To Fix A Gummy Smile

Although many dental offices in Crystal Lake, IL don’t offer BOTOX, they will suggest an experienced plastic surgeon who can assist you.

    To fix a grin brought on by a misaligned bite, your dentist might suggest orthodontics. At DentalWorks – Crystal Lake, we provide removable aligners to fit the requirements of every one of our clients in Crystal Lake, IL. Our staff considers every individual’s unique requirements and goals before suggesting an orthodontic treatment program. When it’s done, your grin won’t be gummy and your entire mouth will probably be healthier when your bite is aligned.
    If you’re trying to find a remedy to a gummy grin, you can find choices to help improve it at DentalWorks – Crystal Lake. A great smile may improve your self-esteem and you might discover you would like to grin more often! To get more information on laser gum sculpting to eliminate overgrown tissue, speak to your dentist in Crystal Lake, IL to schedule an appointment. During a consultation at DentalWorks – Crystal Lake, our board-certified dentist will evaluate your gums and teeth and go over your choices. Our dental professionals can use SRP therapy to decrease gum swelling or laser gum sculpting to take off overdeveloped tissue. In addition, we offer contemporary orthodontic choices that won’t just fix your gummy grin, but also move your teeth into alignment for a more attractive smile and better oral health. Whichever option you select, we’ll produce a treatment program that enhances your gumline so that you may smile with confidence and pride.