How To Treat A Chipped Tooth

As you wait, make certain to keep your mouth clean using twice daily flossing and brushing. Make sure you remove any food particles that can get trapped in the edge of the chipped tooth. You might also wish to rinse with mouthwash to prevent bacteria from getting into your tooth. When you have any swelling or discomfort, take a non-prescription pain reliever and then apply a compress to your cheek. Even in case you don’t feel any discomfort and you’re okay with a chipped tooth, you should still schedule an exam with a dental practitioner. A chip in your tooth may weaken your tooth and put you at higher risk for an infection and cavities. Treatments for a tooth that has been chipped are often fast and simple; however, a chipped tooth that doesn’t get treated may cause pain and lengthier treatments, such as a root canal or extraction.

To select the correct treatment, your dentist will conduct a dental examination. They might use x-rays to confirm the degree of the damage and they can suggest the right procedure. Based upon the size and seriousness of your chip, they can suggest veneers, bonding, or even a crown.

    A crown might be needed in case you chip a bigger part of your tooth. A crown is made custom to fit snugly over the whole tooth, which provides more protection and strength in comparison to other choices. Based on where your chipped tooth is, you might choose a crown that is made from metal, ceramic, or metal covered in porcelain.
    To fix little chips and heal your tooth, bonding could be suggested. Utilizing the exact same composite resin used in fillings, a dental practitioner puts the material on the tooth and fills in the lost section. After the resin is set, the tooth will be polished for a result that’s natural-looking and smooth.
    When a chipped tooth isn’t a serious issue, but you don’t like how your smile appear uneven, you might get veneers. Thin shells secured to your teeth, veneers are custom designed to help your teeth look much more attractive. With proper maintenance, veneers usually last longer than a bonding treatment, which means you might think about veneers in case you are tired of getting your bonding re-applied.

Although it isn’t possible to prevent injuries, there are a few things that might lower your chance of getting a chipped tooth. Stop using your teeth for anything other than eating. Taking the time to use scissors may wind up saving you a great deal of trouble if you don’t get a chipped tooth ripping open something. Stop chewing ice and hard candy. Cut corn from the cob and meat off the bone before you enjoy it. Keep your teeth strong and healthy by flossing and brushing daily. You also need to schedule visits at a dentist in Crystal Lake, IL for dental health examinations as well as cleanings. Fixing any new problems, including cavities, will keep your teeth strong. In the event you or your kid plays sports, then talk to your dentist about a mouth guard. At DentalWorks – Crystal Lake, we provide custom mouth guards made from high-quality materials to protect your gums and teeth.

In case you or your family have chipped a tooth, then call a dentist in Crystal Lake, IL to schedule a consultation. At DentalWorks – Crystal Lake, we will fix your chipped tooth with bonding, veneers, or a crown. Whichever treatment you select, your team will personalize your plan to match your requirements.