I Haven’t Been To The Dentist In A While. What Can I Expect?

Speak with your hygienist if you would rather get small sections cleaned with breaks between.

    Typically suggested for children while their teeth are developing and anyone who tends to get a lot of cavities, you can think about asking for a fluoride rinse following your cleaning. A fluoride treatment helps to strengthen your teeth, which may help stop decay, cavities, and other issues.
    Once your dental examination and cleaning are done, your dentist will speak with you about your next steps. If you do not have any issues, they may recommend preventive treatments. If they do find a problem, your dentist will discuss your treatment choices.
      To continue to keep your teeth, gums, and jaw healthy, your dentist can show you correct techniques for flossing and brushing, help you create a great home dental hygiene regimen, suggest products that match your particular goals, and also schedule your next visit. If you have good oral health, DentalWorks – Durham performs cosmetic dentistry to improve the overall look of your smile with procedures like teeth whitening.
      When you’ve got gum disease, a cavity, or a different issue, your dentist will discuss your treatment choices. As soon as you’ve picked a procedure, your dentist will let you know how soon to schedule it. Some problems, such as a cavity, may be performed during your next cleaning. But when an issue is severe or causing pain, then a treatment will have to be made sooner. For certain treatments, your dentist may discuss sedation choices to help you stay comfortable.
    It may be frightening to return to your dentist when you have not visited in a while; however, our compassionate staff at DentalWorks – Durham will do whatever they can to help you feel relaxed and welcome. Our practice in Durham, NC utilizes modern procedures and advanced equipment to make your visit fast and effective. If you are stressed about visiting the dentist, inquire about sedation dentistry choices to aid with dental anxieties and fears.