Improve Your Oral Health With In-office Bleaching Procedures

Lots of people desire a prettier smile. Professional teeth whitening is a sought-after cosmetic dentistry method with multiple benefits.

At-home tooth-whitening materials cannot compare to the dazzling outcomes of professional teeth whitening.

Tailored Sessions And Results

Generally, in aesthetic dentistry, a generalized process does not work for every patient. Patients’ desires and needs are incredibly varied. Dental specialists utilize their education and knowledge while evaluating teeth to determine the source of any stains.

Also, the dental practitioner will go over your previous and future elective dentistry care you plan to pursue that could affect your beautiful outcome.

For example, it could be reasonable to wait before going in for new crowns and porcelain veneers. This will enable the dentist to create crowns and veneers that match the tone of your recently whitened, gorgeous teeth.

Tooth lightening is somewhat more difficult for patients who have dental restorations. Because whitening treatments cannot remove stains on dental restorations, it could be necessary for your dentist to perform several techniques to guarantee that your teeth are a uniform shade.

Based on this information, the dentist will determine a personalized treatment plan that is most effective for you. She or he can also establish the number of lightening visits required to get your most beautiful results.

Medical-strength Lightening Gels

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits usually contain a smaller degree of whitening elements compared to lightening methods applied during dentist-performed teeth whitening.

Also, difficult trays and irritating strips could cause irregular results and routinely only lighten teeth one shade with each implementation. Before an expert teeth whitening session, individuals can pick the precise shade of whiteness they hope to accomplish.

At DentalWorks- Aurora in Aurora, IL, our team provides brief laser teeth whitening procedures using a process called ZOOM.

ZOOM has a unique gel that is administered to each tooth one by one. The remarkable gel is activated by a laser that goes through the tooth and brightens the dingey enamel. This process should whiten the teeth approximately six to ten shades. Most dentists recommend that men and women who receive laser whitening procedures set up dental cleanings twice each year. This cleaning can help eliminate new unsightly stains and ensure your teeth remain healthy.

Additional Support

Often, people who utilize at-home teeth whitening systems may endure tooth discomfort after a few treatments. This may take place when the hydrogen peroxide enters the surface of the teeth or when utilize whitening kits with poorly sized strips and trays that aggravate the gums and lips. The trained dentists at DentalWorks- Aurora in Aurora, IL take cautious steps to head off such problems.

Throughout a ZOOM laser whitening procedure, patients’ gums and lips are protected to make sure that the whitening agents affect only the teeth. Afterward, the dental practitioner will apply the whitening gel to every tooth. To shield the vulnerable eyes from the laser, patients wear protective glasses. Even though the procedure is pain-free for the majority of people, a topical anesthetic may be administered to help lower any worry or to relax the gag reflex.

Safer, Quicker Procedures

While pharmacy lightening gels mostly do not present health concerns for most people, numerous attempts to whiten and brighten teeth without direction from a dental professional could lead to increased tooth discomfort from sensitivity to heat and cold.

Since it might take many weeks or conceivably months to see distinct effects with over-the-counter tooth bleaching solutions, such as gels, strips, and toothpaste, tenderness could be an issue. Specific types could fail entirely to produce a more vivid smile. In-office teeth bleaching techniques are administered by dentists to make patients feel calm and ensure that the teeth and gums remain safe throughout the treatment.

Enduring Results

Along with the multiple other benefits, the outcomes of professional teeth lightening treatments remain much longer in comparison to over-the-counter tooth whitening gels. At DentalWorks- Aurora in Aurora, IL, following a ZOOM teeth whitening procedure, patients are given a touch-up kit that has the whitening gel and made-to-order trays. These products can be put to use every six months to help sustain the cleaner appearance of your teeth.

At DentalWorks- Aurora, our team recommends implementing the best oral hygiene habits by always brushing and flossing whenever you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner and before bedtime.

Immediately after your treatment and for approximately 24 hours, we recommend patients to refrain from eating and drinking any dark-colored foods, such as tomato sauce, and beverages, such as dark juices. Whenever feasible, ask for a straw for liquids that might dull the teeth.

Enhanced Self-assurance and Outlook

Recently bleached teeth can make more than an appealing smile. Patients have elevated self-esteem following their treatment, which enables them to become increasingly open and perform more confidently in work environments and in various social meetings.

In addition, research on the outcomes of tooth bleaching has uncovered that patients with healthier gums are likely to have stronger mental ability in comparison to those burdened with gum disease. Bleached teeth could also take years from your look and make you appear more youthful.

Work With The Experts to Elevate Your Smile’s Appeal

The beautiful outcomes produced by professional teeth whitening procedures such as ZOOM laser teeth whitening and several other professional treatments are unrivalled in their capacity to significantly alter a person’s look and simultaneously increase one’s positive attitude. We urge you to call DentalWorks- Aurora and arrange a consultation with our accomplished Aurora, IL cosmetic dental practitioners, who would love to assist you in attaining a dazzling smile.