Leading Causes of Receding Gums and Common Treatment Procedures

Man-made and donor grafts are often also be used for individuals who don’t have sufficient tissue to build a proper gumline. Once you have healed from periodontal plastic surgery, it is vital that you practice a careful home oral hygiene regimen and attend regular appointments with your dental practitioner in Canton, MI for yearly dental check-ups and twice-yearly dental cleanings.

Your gums are integral to the overall wellbeing of your teeth, so you have to be vigilant about your gum health in order to attain a brilliant, healthy smile. Set up tooth and gum evaluation with your dentist if you have questions about periodontal disease or gum recession. At DentalWorks – Canton Ford, our knowledgeable staff of dental professionals provides diagnoses and treatment options for gum recession, including SRP therapy, periodontal surgery, and gingival grafting. Call our facility in Canton, MI to schedule consultations for your entire family.