Learn Why Lost Teeth Affect Many Parts Of A Person’s Smile

Approximately 175 – 180 million adults in the U.S. have run into issues with missing one or several teeth. When many people consider missing teeth, the cosmetic impact on the smile is commonly their initial worry. The fact you may not be aware of is missing teeth, whether one or several, can impact much more than the appearance of your smile. The teeth have a more crucial part in a person’s dental health and total well-being than just contributing to the appearance of a gorgeous, vibrant smile.

Immediately replacing lost teeth with an effective option offers the most ideal outcomes for the smile. At DentalWorks – Bainbridge, our talented staff of dental professionals is proud to offer a range of tooth restoration treatments to help people in Aurora, OH address tooth loss and enjoy elevated dental health.

Improperly functioning teeth may have to be taken out to maintain your dental wellness and lessen the risk of issues in the long run. Some of the most frequent causes of tooth loss include advanced gum disease, severe bone loss, extreme tooth decay, abscesses, or injury. Different situations that may require a person to have a tooth removal are chipped teeth, fractured tooth roots, or severe damage.

If a tooth or a few teeth are missing, it affects a vast spectrum of factors pertaining to your mouth, dental health, and overall quality of life. A number of people go through life-changing problems when missing a tooth, like:

Overall Dental Function
Losing even just one tooth may hurt your capability to eat and talk with ease. A lost tooth can interfere with your ability to consume particular foods and make you talk with a lisp.

A Person’s Cosmetic Appeal
Besides creating a gap between the teeth, missing a tooth or many teeth can lead to someone’s facial features appearing to collapse near the mouth and mandible. Your teeth help to maintain a more attractive shape to the facial features and jawline.

Tooth Positioning
Even though a number of individuals might not be aware of this, the teeth actually need one another to retain their correct location in the mouth. If teeth are lost, the nearby teeth tend to shift into this gap.

Bone Decline
The jawbone requires regular stimulation from your tooth roots to remain in its best condition. If teeth fall out, the bone no longer has this stimulus, which leads it to break down. Bone weakening carries its own range of issues and could make it more difficult to replace missing teeth using dental implants.

The Influence On A Person’s Well-Being
The loss of a tooth may impact multiple aspects of your life. Ranging from inconsistencies with normal oral function to damaged self-assurance, missing teeth can have a huge effect on your entire lifestyle, smile, and dental health.

Our experienced Aurora, OH dentists provide custom-made removable dentures, dental implants, and fixed or removable bridges to help you bounce back from losing one or many teeth. We use high-quality ceramic and titanium to create pieces to enhance your oral structures and the cosmetic quality of your smile. Every one of these three tooth restoration options could be individualized to match your particular preferences.

Full or Partial Dentures
Dentures are partial or full-arch appliances that fill in for lost teeth in the upper and lower arches. Partial dentures attach to the permanent teeth for support, while full-arch dentures rest securely on the gum tissue through natural jaw contours or a minimal amount of denture glue.

Advanced Long-Term Restorations
Implants involve a metal screw that serves as a man-made tooth root and a crown, bridge, or denture that’s securely anchored to the post. When combined together, these pieces efficiently mirror the structure, capabilities, and aesthetics of real teeth. Dental implants merge with the jawbone to produce sustainable stability for tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Or Removable Customized Dental Bridges
A bridge fills in for one or more teeth missing from a confined region within the mouth. Bridges take the form of a set of crowns that are fused together to work as one appliance and fill in for a single tooth or several teeth. These restorations could be implant-supported or supported by nearby teeth, based on your preferences.

Thanks to contemporary technology, restoring lost teeth with effective partial or full dentures, dental implants, and bridges can help you achieve good dental health and a glowing appearance. If tooth loss threatens to impact your daily life, we invite you to reach out to our knowledgeable team of dentists in Aurora, OH for a one-on-one.