Learn Why Lost Teeth Affect Several Parts Of Your Oral Health

Roughly 175 – 180 million people nationally have encountered concerns relating to missing a single tooth or multiple teeth. When many men and women consider missing teeth, the aesthetic impact on the smile is typically their initial concern. However, what you may not realize is that missing teeth, whether one or several, will often impact much more than the appearance of your smile. Teeth play a more critical role in an individual’s oral health and overall wellness than just creating the appearance of a beautiful, bright smile.

Quickly replacing missing teeth with a reliable solution produces the best results for oral health. At DentalWorks – Concord, our skilled staff of dental practitioners is proud to perform an array of tooth restoration procedures to help those in Kannapolis, NC address tooth loss and experience boosted dental health.

Inadequately functioning teeth might have to be removed in order to maintain a person’s dental wellness and decrease the risk of issues in the long run. A handful of the more frequent causes of missing teeth include advanced periodontal disease, severe jawbone weakening, extensive tooth decay, abscesses, or injury. Different factors that may require a person to receive an extraction are chipped teeth, fractured roots, or severe damage.

If a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, it affects a vast spectrum of factors regarding your mouth, dental wellness, and basic daily life. Many people go through huge issues after losing a tooth, including:

General Oral Function
Missing even a single tooth might affect your capability to bite into food and speak with ease. A missing tooth may get in the way of your ability to chew certain foods and lead you to speak with a lisp.

Your Aesthetic Appeal
Besides creating an opening between the teeth, missing a single tooth or several teeth could result in your facial structures sinking around the mouth and jawline. The teeth help to maintain a more youthful look to the facial structures and jawline.

Tooth Location
While a few individuals might not know this, the teeth need one another to keep their proper placement in the mouth. If teeth are gone, the adjacent and opposing teeth often shift into the opening.

Bone Reduction
The jawbone depends on ongoing stimulation from the tooth roots to remain in ideal condition. If teeth are gone, the bone can’t rely on this structure, leading it to become diminished. Bone loss has its own set of issues and could make it more challenging to substitute lost teeth with dental implants.

The Influence On A Person’s Well-Being
Losing teeth could affect multiple areas of your life. From inconsistencies with normal oral function to lowered self-assurance, lost teeth often have a critical effect on your general life, smile, and oral wellness.

Our talented Kannapolis, NC dental professionals create personalized removable dentures, implants, and fixed or removable bridges to allow you to bounce back from losing a tooth or several teeth. We utilize medical-grade ceramic and metal to craft tooth replacements to enhance your oral functions and the visual quality of your smile. Every one of the following tooth replacement methods could be individualized to address your unique needs.

Full or Partial Dentures
Dentures can be partial or full-arch appliances that replace missing teeth along the upper and bottom arches. Partial dentures depend on the remaining teeth to stay in place, while full-arch dentures sit firmly on the gums via natural jaw contours or a minimal amount of denture glue.

Advanced Long-Term Restorations
Dental implants are composed of a metal screw that serves as a stand-in tooth root, as well as a dental crown, bridge, or denture that’s firmly fastened to the post. When combined together, these pieces suitably duplicate the build, abilities, and look of natural teeth. Dental implants are held securely by the bone to provide sustainable durability for tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Or Removable Custom-Made Bridges
A dental bridge substitutes for one or many teeth missing from the same space in the mouth. Dental bridges take the form of a row of crowns that are connected to function as a single restoration and replace a single tooth or more teeth. These appliances can be affixed to the jaw or supported by surrounding teeth, based on your preferences.

With modern techniques, restoring lost teeth with custom-made removable dentures, implants, and bridges could help you gain good oral health and a confident smile. When tooth loss starts to affect your day-to-day life, we welcome you to contact our knowledgeable team of dentists in Kannapolis, NC for a one-on-one.