Missing A Tooth? Dental Implants Can Change That!

Commonly done with IV sedation, a dentist will twist the post(s) into carefully chosen points going through your gums and into the sockets in your jawbone. They’ll also take digital or physical impressions, which are given to a dental lab so they can design and build your customized restoration. Following implant placement surgery, your mouth can feel somewhat sore as the jawbone and gums heal and integrate with the implant(s). It is crucial that you follow each of the instructions from your dentist to avoid a problem and speed your recovery. It takes approximately 3 – 6 months until the implant(s) is stable enough. In this period, your dentist will most likely put a temporary cover or restoration on top of the post to protect it. As soon as your dentist decides the implant(s) is ready, they’ll connect your customized denture, partial, bridge, or crown. Slight adjustments might be necessary to ensure that your restoration is comfy and secure. It might take some time for you to adapt to your restoration, but over time, you ought to be eating, smiling, and speaking effortlessly.

Among the biggest benefits of an implanted restoration is the fact that it needs to be treated like your own teeth. This means brushing two times daily using fluoridated toothpaste in addition to flossing at least once a day. Most dentists also suggest rinsing with mouthwash to clean away bacteria, debris, and plaque. Along with a great home oral hygiene regimen, you need to go to a dental practitioner in Crystal Lake, IL two or more times a year for an oral health exam and twice-yearly cleaning. In these exams, your dentist will assess the wear and health of your restoration. They’ll tell you whether the implant or restoration has to be replaced or repaired.

Dental implants and custom restorations have enhanced the lives of several women and men in Crystal Lake, IL. If you’re missing any teeth and are considering rejuvenating your smile with an implant-supported restoration, contact DentalWorks – Crystal Lake to schedule a dental health exam and consultation. Our staff will work together with you to decide whether you’re a great candidate and create a treatment program that can get you on the road to a gorgeous smile.