Modern Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Custom Smile Makeover

They’re used to improve the overall look of cracked teeth, cover gaps, and hide discolored teeth. They’re a terrific treatment if you would like an efficient option to enhance the appearance of your teeth and get a grin that gives you confidence. Cosmetic veneers at DentalWorks – Burlington are custom made to appear natural and last quite a while.

    Composite resin fillings are used to seal a cavity after the decay is eliminated. A lot of smile makeover plans include switching old metal fillings with contemporary tooth-colored fillings. Along with lasting longer, these fillings are made from composite resin, which means they are less visible compared to metal fillings. Composite resin fillings may be used on any of your teeth to take care of most cavities. Tooth-colored fillings will give you a better-looking smile and a more durable restoration. At DentalWorks – Burlington, our staff mixes the filling material to blend with your teeth so that the outcome is smooth.
    Cosmetic bonding is a good choice to fix and enhance the overall look of your teeth if your enamel is chipped or stained. Composite resin (the same substance used to fill cavities) will be applied by your dentist to fill chips and mask stains. Once the bonding material is set, your dentist will polish the composite resin and contour the edges to get a smooth shape. Bonding and contouring is a fast, less costly cosmetic procedures, but the outcomes won’t last as long as some other treatments, for example, porcelain veneers.
    If you had a braces as a child, your teeth may still move and change, resulting in overcrowding and a jagged tooth look. Luckily, you will find modern orthodontic alternatives for older patients who want to fix this matter with transparent aligners. In case your principle issue is jagged teeth, then aligners combined with contouring and a whitening treatment can create a visible improvement.
    Clearly, there are loads of choices to enhance the appearance of your smile. When you’re ready to enhance your smile and get healthier teeth, then schedule a consultation with a dentist in Burlington, NC. If you’re in search of an experienced group who perform cosmetic dentistry, please contact DentalWorks – Burlington to schedule a consultation. Once we’ve heard your particular needs and wants, we’ll create your personalized smile makeover treatment strategy to create a beautiful smile.