Modern Oral Options That Will Make You Love Your Smile

An individual’s frame of mind, temperament, and wellness are usually improved by smiling. However, if you’re embarrassed by your smile, you likely will not feel confident about sharing it around others. Our staff at DentalWorks – Burlington aspires to help everyone become enamored with the appearance of their teeth by offering helpful and innovative dental treatments to boost the look and health of their smile. Those who usually shield their teeth because they are self-conscious or men and women who simply think that their oral well-being needs to get better—can talk to us and learn about their choices for advanced dental care. From general dental services to more complex procedures, we address the varying needs of our patients with considerate and individualized approaches. We encourage you to browse this blog and figure out more about how the latest dental procedures might address a large range of issues to allow you to attain your most radiant smile.

Everyone ought to be allowed to achieve a smile that’s beautiful, glowing, and confident. A major part of gaining and sustaining a gorgeous smile is by receiving regular dental treatment from a dental professional who is committed to your oral health. Getting your teeth expertly cleaned at least two times every year can minimize plaque, tartar, and yellowing, produce fresher breath, and lessen your odds of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Once-yearly oral checkups enable our dentists to detect and manage abnormalities as they develop, often freeing you from more invasive types of services and steeper costs in the long run. Even continuing with daily toothbrushing and flossing should contribute a lot as it relates to making sure that your smile is as beautiful and healthy as possible. Good dental treatment has an incredibly critical role in sustaining exceptional oral wellness in the present and for the long term.

Even if missing, crooked, or cracked teeth usually leave individuals feeling insecure about their smiles, addressing these concerns usually reduce challenges with chewing, speaking and, as a result, their quality of life. Seeking out dental treatments on a regular schedule, or if you experience urgent oral wellness needs, can help you attain a healthy, radiant smile. If you have issues with your smile that annoy you, or when you notice different concerns over the look and health of your teeth, assistance from our staff might be precisely what you require to enhance your dental wellness. Below, you can read about several of the best modern oral care services done by our experienced Burlington, NC dental team.

Tooth fillings will preserve teeth that have been affected by cavities.
Teeth that contain cavities and other kinds of damage can affect the wellness of the smile. To address tooth decay, our team is pleased to provide composite resin fillings that fill in the treated area within the tooth. The tooth-colored resin then fuses effortlessly with the remainder of the tooth. Composite resin fillings are reliable and durable and seem like natural enamel.

Tooth caps are utilized for several diverse conditions.
Crowns, also known as tooth caps, are oral restorations that completely conceal and improve the structure, health, and attractive look of specific teeth that have developed cavities, fractures, or other kinds of damage. At our office in Burlington, NC, our oral care providers implement medical-grade ceramic, porcelain, and various materials to make dental crowns as well as enhance effectiveness and look. Tooth caps may resolve both cosmetic and corrective concerns to help the attractiveness and health of your smile.

Implants are the latest ideal treatment for tooth restoration.
A hole in your smile as a result of a missing tooth can certainly affect how you eat. It can also decrease your willingness to smile, laugh, and talk to people. Oral implants replace lost teeth by giving the aesthetics, efficiency, and feel of natural teeth. Speak to our staff about your tooth restoration options and allow us to help you conclude whether dental implants may elevate the condition of your dental health.

You can receive to teeth straightening treatments at any age.
Uniform teeth are typically more aesthetically pleasing and simpler to clean and floss, which oftentimes makes them healthier overall when compared to misaligned teeth. Straightening solutions are designed to gradually move the teeth to a better placement within the jaw and positively effect oral capabilities. Problems such as teeth misalignment, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, and gaps should all be fixed with straightening services.

Gum contouring can elevate both the well-being and appearance of your smile.
When people have an overabundance of gum tissue, it might hidesome of the tooth enamel, making the teeth appear too small and fostering an environment for gum inflammation. To produce a more even appearance and to boost a person’s oral wellness, we can performing a gum contouring treatment that removes a small amount of the redundant tissue and remolds the gums to delicately frame the teeth.

Teeth whitening is a desired treatment for people of many ages.
Known as one of the simplest dental procedures, teeth whitening is performed to improve the overall appearance of the smile by eliminating years’ worth of discoloration. High-quality teeth whitening performed at DentalWorks – Burlington is tailored to meet your individual needs and can brighten your teeth a number of shades to produce a younger-looking and radiant smile. If coffee or sodas, tobacco, or natural aging have muted the radiance of your smile, professional teeth brightening can be a useful method to boost your aesthetic appeal.

If you notice minor issues with your teeth or require more intense types of care, our team provides the advanced dental solutions you need to have a desirable and luminous smile. Preventive dental treatment could allow you to sustain the visual appeal and health of your teeth. It’s important to attend twice-yearly dental check-ins to ensure that any problems are identified and managed soon. Modern dental care techniques offer a diverse catalog of treatments to help enhance your dental wellness. If you take the initiative to seek out high-level dental treatment, you shouldn’t feel the need to hide your smile any longer. Arrange your visit with our experienced professionals in Burlington, NC to take the beginning leap toward getting a shining and healthy smile.