Periodontal Disease: The Core Facts Any Individual Needs To Recognize

Safeguarding your smile takes more effort than ensuring that your teeth are pearly and well-aligned. Your gums take on a crucial factor in your oral wellbeing, along with your overall wellbeing. Since the majority of individuals might assume their gums are in good condition, they are often surprised if they are alerted otherwise. Gum disease, additionally called periodontal disease, is a serious disorder that deteriorates the gums that surround the teeth, and its signs usually occur without pain. Multiple studies have shown a link that relates periodontal disease and other health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and specific cancers, as well as tooth loss.

However, we have exciting news: Periodontal disease can be prevented with routine dental care. The simplest way to prevent periodontal disease is to get dental care from skilled dental professionals, like the staff at DentalWorks – Alcoa. Our doctors have extensive knowledge and training in the field of periodontal dentistry to discover various conditions and manage gum disease.


Often referred to as gum disease, gum disease is known as an infection in the gum tissue. Your gumline is the internal tissue that serves to hold your teeth in their appropriate positions. Inadequate oral care may cause a sticky bacteria known as plaque to attach itself to and solidify around the gum tissue. Even though toothbrushing and flossing can remove a portion of the problem, plaque that’s not cleared up will become tartar and set onto your teeth. Only a dental cleaning provided by a dentist or dental assistant can completely remove tartar.

When gathered on the enamel, tartar and food particles operate together to cause the beginning form of gum disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs when plaque builds up on the enamel and leads the nearby gums to become red and puffy. Bacteria produces toxins that irritate the gums, which triggers them to be red and swollen and, usually, causing bleeding.

When gum disease advances with no care, later levels of gum disease will often result in sore and bleeding gum tissue, painful chewing, and, possibly, missing teeth. That’s why it’s important to diagnose and treat periodontal disease before the damage travels around your mouth.


Proper gums are firm, pink, and fit tightly around your teeth. The primary symptoms of periodontal disease are generally difficult to detect by the average person. It is vital to arrange routine appointments with the dental professionals at DentalWorks – Alcoa. We are able to determine the early warning signs of periodontal disease during bi-annual cleanings and dental checkups. Signs of affected gums include swelling, bright red tissue, sensitivity, bleeding, disconnecting from the tooth, additional spaces between your teeth, halitosis, missing teeth, painful chewing, and differences with your alignment.


As individuals reach the more intense levels of gum disease, they will usually require surgical procedures. The dental professionals in Alcoa, TN offer a number of advanced gum procedures, namely gum grafts, gingival flap surgery, and more.

Gum disease frequently causes the gums to deteriorate, which will expose a portion of the tooth’s roots. To address the gumline, our team may provide a gum grafting surgery. Most often, autografted connective tissue is used for this service. The donor tissue is excised from the palate and moved to your gumline, which will address the root exposure.

Gum surgery could benefit patients in Alcoa, TN with diagnosed periodontitis. Based on the severity of your condition, there is a selection of techniques we might use: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, or gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery repositions the gums away from the enamel to show the roots and enable our dentist to gauge your condition. Following that, we will perform a scaling and root planing treatment to clear out plaque and excess unsalvageable tissue. The dislocated tissue will then be repositioned and stitched in the proper location. Meanwhile, a gingivectomy removes and reshapes a section of the diseased tissue. This procedure is generally reserved for people whose situation is more advanced. Finally, a gingivoplasty is, at times, an aesthetic dental treatment that improves and reshapes the affected gum tissues after your gum disease has been addressed, reinstating their proper condition and appearing more attractive.


The most proper method to prevent periodontal disease is to discover an excellent, consistent oral health regimen. Following this helpful set of rules can help ensure that your bright smile endures a long time:

Flossing is important for excellent dental care.
Flossing at least one time each day might help eliminate plaque that may be trapped between your teeth. Toothbrushing is a vital aspect of anyone’s oral care routine. However, this still might not reach every crevice.

Patients need to brush their teeth no less than twice daily.
Patients who clean their teeth after breakfast, lunch, and dinner help to eradicate plaque and food particles packed in between their gum tissue and teeth. It’s also essential to not overlook your tongue. Use your gentle toothbrush to scrub your tongue, as this may eliminate leftover bacteria.

Purchase toothpaste and mouthwash that have fluoride.
It’s often hard to know which oral health products are the most effective. While browsing, choose a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. If combined, the two products can impact the rate at which germs and tartar to build up on the enamel.

Ensure that you visit your dentist twice yearly.
Schedule consultations with your dentist twice every year for an oral health evaluation and cleaning. Oral exams enable the dentists at DentalWorks – Alcoa to discover problems like gum disease when they initially occur. For individuals with dental anxieties, our Alcoa, TN office offers numerous sedation options to address your nerves. This way, you can receive your examinations and cleanings with ease.

Give up tobacco use.
Those who consume tobacco products (like dipping, cigars, or e-cigarettes) are at a higher risk to wind up with gum disease and oral cancer. Tobacco consumption is detrimental to the immune system, making it more challenging on your body to battle off infection and recover afterward.


Proper dental intervention is crucial in the war against periodontal disease. Choose a dental professional you trust, and be sure to come to their facility two times a year for follow-ups and cleanings. At DentalWorks – Alcoa, we are skilled at preventing, identifying, and improving periodontal disease, including various other dental health concerns. Get in touch with our office to set up a session and start your path toward optimal oral health.