Periodontal Disease: The Important Signs Each Person Needs To Recognize

Safeguarding your smile involves more work than ensuring that your teeth are shiny and well-aligned. Your gums take on an integral factor in your dental health and your general wellness. Because many individuals might believe their gums are healthy, they are frequently startled when they are notified bad news. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious condition that affects the gums that surround a patient’s teeth, and its side-effects typically occur without discomfort. A number of field observations have shown a link that relates periodontal disease and seemingly unrelated health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and certain cancers, as well as tooth loss.

However, we have welcome news: Periodontal disease can be avoided with proper dental care. The simplest method to prevent gum disease is to seek out dental care from credentialed dental professionals, like the dentists at DentalWorks – Bainbridge. Our dentists have extensive knowledge and skills in the area of periodontal dentistry to detect various issues and treat gum disease.


At times called periodontal disease, gum disease is an infection in the gumline. The gumline is the internal tissue that serves to secure your teeth in their ideal positions. Ineffective dental health will often lead a sticky bacteria known as plaque to develop and calcify along the gum tissue. Even though brushing and flossing may remove some of the buildup, plaque that’s not eliminated will develop into tartar and stick onto your teeth. Only a professional cleaning done by a dental practitioner or dental assistant can effectively get rid of tartar.

While accumulating on the enamel, tartar and bacteria work alongside one another to cause a mild type of periodontal disease known as gingivitis. Gingivitis develops as plaque gathers on teeth and forces the nearby gums to become inflamed. Tartar produces toxins that negatively affect the gums, making them discolored and swollen and, usually, leading to bleeding.

When periodontal disease evolves without care, future phases of periodontal disease might cause sore and bleeding gum tissue, issues with chewing, and, potentially, tooth loss. That’s why it’s essential to detect and address gum disease before the damage spreads throughout your oral structures.


Strong gums are firm, pink, and fit tautly around your teeth. The primary signs of periodontal disease are often hard to detect by a normal adult. It is critical to set up routine visits with our dental team at DentalWorks – Bainbridge. Our staff can detect the tell-tale effects of gum disease during routine cleanings and dental exams. Symptoms of infected gums include puffiness, discoloration, sensitivity, bleeding, splitting away from the tooth, unneeded spaces around your teeth, halitosis, loose teeth, uncomfortable biting, and differences with your dental alignment.


When individuals reach the later stages of gum disease, they may need surgical solutions. Our dentists in Aurora, OH provide several surgical gum procedures, including gum grafts, gingival flap surgery, and more.

Periodontal disease regularly forces the gums to weaken, which will reveal part of the roots of the teeth. To revive the gums, our dental professionals may perform a gum grafting treatment. Commonly, self-donated connective tissue is implemented for this surgery. The donor sample is taken from the upper part of your mouth and reinstated into your gumline, which will address the root exposure.

Gum surgery can help patients in Aurora, OH with late-stage periodontitis. Based on the degree of your periodontal disease, there are a few techniques we might incorporate: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, or gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery repositions the gumline away from the enamel to uncover the roots and permit our dental practitioner to evaluate your situation. Once this is done, our dentist will carry out a scaling and root planing treatment to remove tartar and excess infected tissue. The separated tissue will then be fixed and stitched in the proper location. Meanwhile, a gingivectomy removes and reshapes a portion of the severely diseased tissue. This option is usually saved for those whose condition is far along. Finally, a gingivoplasty is considered a cosmetic dental surgery that improves and repositions the gumline after your gum disease has been taken care of, restoring their ideal condition and appearing more aesthetically appealing.


The most effective method to evade periodontal disease is to develop a good, efficient oral hygiene routine. Following this helpful checklist can help ensure that your bright smile lasts many years:

Flossing your teeth is essential for optimal dental wellness.
Flossing no less than one time each day can help eliminate food particles that could be wedged in between your teeth. Cleaning your teeth is a needed part of an individual’s oral wellness routine, but this still will likely not polish every crevice.

Local residents need to brush their teeth at least two times every day.
Patients who brush their teeth after food breaks help to eradicate plaque and buildup trapped in between their gums and teeth. It’s equally essential to not forget about your tongue. Use your gentle toothbrush to cleanse your tongue: Doing so might get rid of excess bacteria.

Utilize toothpaste and mouth rinses with fluoride.
People find it challenging to figure out which dental routine products are the most effective. When browsing, look for a fluoride-based toothpaste and mouth rinse. When used together, the two dental products can impact the rate at which food particles and tartar to gather on the teeth.

Make sure you see your dental care provider two times each year.
Set up appointments with your dentist two times annually for an oral health evaluation and professional cleaning. Oral examinations enable the team at DentalWorks – Bainbridge to catch issues like gum disease when they first develop. For those with dental anxieties, our Aurora, OH office offers numerous sedation techniques to settle your nerves. This way, you can get your exams and cleanings easily.

Cease your tobacco usage.
Those who use tobacco products (including chewing, cigars, or vaping) are more likely to contract periodontal disease and various cancers. Tobacco consumption worsens the immune system. This can make it harder for your body to battle off infection and heal afterward.


Efficient oral care is critical in the fight against periodontal disease. Seek out a dental professional you trust, and make sure to visit their facility twice a year for oral assessments and professional cleanings. At DentalWorks – Bainbridge, our staff is skilled at preventing, diagnosing, and eliminating periodontal disease, including countless other oral health disorders. Call our team today to set up an appointment and take off on your path toward exceptional oral health.