Periodontal Disease: The Primary Facts Each Individual Should Know

Taking care of your smile involves more effort than simply ensuring that your teeth are shiny and straight. Your gums play a significant factor in your oral wellness, along with your general health. Because most patients may believe their gums are healthy, they are often alarmed if they are notified bad news. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a progressive disorder that affects the gums that surround the teeth. The disease’s symptoms, for the most part, occur without pain. A number of field observations have shown a connection among periodontal disease and other health concerns, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and forms of cancer, including tooth loss.

However, we have exciting news: Gum disease can be evaded with proper oral care. The most important way to battle periodontal disease is to receive dental care from talented dental practitioners, like the dentists at DentalWorks – Allen Park. Our dentists have expansive knowledge and training in the area of periodontal dentistry to detect a number of conditions and treat gum disease.


Sometimes referred to as gum disease, periodontal disease is, in simplest terms, an infection of the gum tissue. The gumline is the oral tissue that serves to secure your teeth in their ideal placements. Inadequate dental hygiene may cause a colorless substance known as plaque to develop and calcify around the gum tissue. Even though brushing and flossing might remove a portion of the bacteria, plaque that’s not eradicated will turn into tartar and harden onto your enamel. Only an in-depth cleaning performed by a dental practitioner or dental hygienist can properly eliminate tartar.

When sitting on the teeth, tartar and food particles work jointly to bring about a moderate type of periodontal disease that we call gingivitis. Gingivitis develops as plaque gathers on teeth and encourages the nearby gum tissue to become inflamed. Plaque creates toxins that negatively affect your gum tissues, leading them to be red and swollen and, commonly, causing bleeding.

If periodontal disease progresses without management, later levels of periodontal disease may result in sore and bleeding gums, difficulty chewing, and even tooth loss. That’s why it’s vital to detect and address periodontal disease before the inflammation travels around your mouth.


Healthy gums should be stable, pink, and fit tautly around your teeth. The initial indicators of periodontal disease are usually difficult to recognize by a normal person. It is critical to set up routine appointments with our dental team at DentalWorks – Allen Park. Our team will work to detect the early signals of gum disease during routine teeth cleanings and dental exams. Symptoms of damaged gums include swelling, bright red tissue, tenderness, bleeding, disconnecting from the tooth, additional spaces between your teeth, bad breath, loose teeth, problems biting, and changes in your alignment.


As individuals come to the more intense levels of periodontal disease, they may require surgical procedures. The dental practitioners in Allen Park, MI offer many surgical gum procedures, like gum grafts, gingival flap surgery, and others.

Gum disease typically forces the gumline to diminish, which will reveal a portion of the tooth’s roots. To address the gum tissue, our team may perform a gum grafting surgery. Commonly, autografted connective tissue is implemented to complete this treatment. The grafted gum tissue will be extracted from the roof of your mouth and placed with your gums, which minimizes the root exposure.

Periodontal surgery may benefit patients in Allen Park, MI with diagnosed periodontitis. Based on the phase of your periodontal disease, there are three methods we can incorporate: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, or gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery shifts the gums away from the teeth to show the tooth roots and enable our dental practitioner to gauge your condition. Once this is done, our dentist will carry out a scaling and root planing treatment to clear out plaque and excess infected tissue. The separated gum tissue will then be moved and sutured in the proper place. In contrast, a gingivectomy removes and remolds a portion of the significantly diseased tissue. This procedure is usually reserved for people whose condition is more advanced. Lastly, a gingivoplasty is considered an aesthetic dental service that improves and reshapes the gumline when your periodontal disease has been treated, returning their proper condition and appearing more aesthetically appealing.


The most ideal way to evade gum disease is to discover a good, efficient oral health routine. Obeying this helpful set of rules could help guarantee that your shining smile lasts a long time:

Flossing is needed for optimal dental health.
Flossing at least once a day could help remove harmful bacteria that could be lodged in between your teeth. Brushing your teeth is an essential aspect of a person’s oral health routine. However, this still cannot reach every crevice.

Local residents need to brush their teeth at least two times daily.
Men and women who brush their teeth after mealtimes help to eliminate plaque and buildup stuck in between their gums and teeth. It’s equally essential to not overlook your tongue. Use your brush to cleanse your tongue: Doing so might eliminate leftover bacteria.

Utilize toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluoride.
It can be difficult to figure out which oral regimen products are the most beneficial. When shopping, look for a fluoride-based toothpaste and mouth rinse. If used together, the two products can improve the time it takes for bacteria and plaque to layer on the enamel.

Ensure that you see your dentist twice yearly.
Arrange checkups with your dental care provider twice annually for a dental health exam and cleaning. Oral assessments enable the staff at DentalWorks – Allen Park to detect issues like gum disease when they initially appear. For those with dental anxieties, our Allen Park, MI office uses numerous sedation options to settle your nerves. This way, you can have your examinations and professional cleanings without difficulty.

Cease your tobacco product usage.
Individuals who consume tobacco products (such as dipping, cigarettes, or vaping) are more likely to be diagnosed with periodontal disease and various cancers. Tobacco consumption affects your immune system, which makes it more challenging on your body to fight off infection and heal afterward.


Proper dental treatment is necessary in the war against gum disease. Find a dentist you trust, and be sure to stop by their facility two times a year for examinations and professional cleanings. At DentalWorks – Allen Park, our dentists are capable of preventing, identifying, and managing periodontal disease and many other oral health issues. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a consultation and start your journey toward excellent oral health.