Porcelain Veneers – Individuals’ Ultimate Choice to Create A Great Smile

While looking at recent photos, are you pleased with your smile’s appearance? While speaking with a coworker, do you feel self-conscious because of your teeth? People who cover their mouth when speaking may want to think about updating their look with dental veneers. Dental veneers are a popular, cosmetic enhancement for individuals throughout Cranberry Township, PA because they significantly help your overall smile and your self-esteem.

Comprised of a fine glossy, porcelain shell, veneers fit on top of your natural teeth to cover up spaces, defects, and stains, in addition to damaged or unaligned teeth. Porcelain veneers are in demand because they offer long-lasting, stunning results. At DentalWorks – Cranberry Township, our office offers cosmetic veneers created with high-grade ceramics so your updated smile remains appealing and healthy.

To see if dental veneers are an appropriate cosmetic procedure for you, we encourage patients to review this article. Dental veneers might stop the concerns you have about your teeth.

Dental Veneer Candidates Require Good Dental Health

Men and women who would like veneers must have healthy teeth and gums. Individuals will want to treat concerns like cavities, gum disease, and plaque film before obtaining your veneers.

Before the veneers bind directly to individuals’ teeth, great oral hygiene is essential for their implementation and long-lasting benefits. Masking problems such as stains or peridontal disease with a veneer will usually worsen your gum health, which is the reason your dentist needs to thoroughly review and treat problems prior to implementing dental veneers.

Ceramic Veneers Are Able to Disguise Issues

Many patients want veneers to conceal slight dental problems, such as chips, dark spots, gaps, or crooked teeth. If you struggle with these concerns, dental bonding or teeth whitening is ordinarily the most ideal procedure.

For more serious cosmetic issues, veneers could be necessary to conceal teeth with major damage.

In addition, patients might use veneers if they notice drastic discoloration, even after using laser teeth whitening. Many patients have experienced upsetting dental problems for years. Ceramic veneers enable Cranberry Township, PA patients have redefined smiles in addition to improving self-confidence.

Dental Veneer Patients Would Like A Change

Ceramic veneers help revive your smile. Long ago, dental practitioners introduced veneers. Initially, veneers looked too uniform and made teeth appear fake. With new developments in technology and skill, dentists can develop customized veneers so they seem real.

Following the procedure, they will seem real, so others should perceive a difference in your appearance, but not an unnatural one.

Although you might use porcelain veneers to considerably improve your smile, you may prefer to maintain a little bit of your character. For example, maybe the gap in between your central incisors is your favorite trait, but you want a narrower space, the dental practitioner can design your veneers to match your objectives.

Ceramic Veneer Hopefuls Who Have Microdontia

Microdontia is an inherited problem that produces uncommonly small teeth with large spaces, and it may make you look like you have baby teeth. Microdontia might not harm your dental health, but it may influence your self-esteem.

Generally, for people with microdontia, porcelain veneers could be a fantastic choice. Veneers let you accomplish a beautiful smile that matches your features. {landing page} has helped multiple patients with microdontia attain confidence in their looks with custom-made ceramic veneers.

Veneers Aren’t Suggested For Individuals With Teeth Clenching

Anytime you grind your teeth throughout the day or you experience teeth clenching (bruxism) at night, this can cause major injury to your oral health.

Bruxism may lead to tooth cracks, in addition to oral misalignment. This problem will impact your natural teeth and the porcelain veneers you just got. If you experience bruxism problems, such as facial tenderness, your dental practitioner may propose a mouthguard to protect both your veneers and teeth. You may be surprised that you sleep using a specially designed nightguard.

Individuals Should Implement Everyday Brushing and Flossing Routines With Veneers

Dental veneers fromDentalWorks – Cranberry Township are developed with high-grade porcelain that is durable., veneers need regular care. Exactly like your actual teeth, our group recommends thoroughly maintaining your veneers.

Patients should refrain from eating ice chips or hard lollipops and using your teeth as tools, for example,, to unseal packages or to rip boxing tape). Even though veneers usually withstand discoloration, you need to practice excellent oral hygiene.

To sustain the appearance of your dental veneers, dentists recommend a daily routine with correct technique. You need to set up a consistent dental checkup and deep cleaning with our team atDentalWorks – Cranberry Township. During your visit, our staff will show you correct brushing and flossing methods and recommend brands.

Alternative Aesthetic Techniques

At your first consultation with {landing page}, our team will go over your cosmetic dentistry choices, including veneers. Some individuals might believe they should use veneers, but instead, they could achieve a gorgeous, brighter smile with other treatments, such as:

  • dental bonding and contouring
  • professional teeth whitening
  • corrective procedure

Individuals should discuss all the procedures to select the correct course of action for their dental health and look. Our Cranberry Township, PA dental team can combine several exciting procedures to help your smile.

Keep in mind, first impressions are crucial. The first thing people often evaluate is your appearance. DentalWorks – Cranberry Township will reconstruct your teeth to help increase your self-confidence.

To make you love your smile, ceramic veneers hide discolored or uneven teeth. Hear more about ceramic veneers by calling our Cranberry Township, PA team. Set up an appointment with our dentists to review your aesthetic goals.