Professional Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Think About

Professional teeth whitening might be a lone treatment or included in a larger treatment plan.
Based on your specific smile concerns, teeth whitening could be the only kind of cosmetic service you need. However, it might be a part of a more extensive procedure plan, including a smile makeover or full-mouth restoration. Our DentalWorks – Beachwood dental professionals help you to determine if teeth whitening is an appropriate choice to enhance your smile and at what point during the restoration process it should take place.

Professional teeth whitening will not affect the color of restorations.
It is essential to know that, while teeth whitening solutions may assuredly brighten the shade of natural teeth, they have no impact on restorative appliances, such as those utilized for composite tooth fillings and bonding or porcelain veneers and dental crowns. It might be better to brighten the natural teeth initially and then have any restorations changed out to blend with the new color of your smile. In a few circumstances, teeth whitening may not be an ideal choice if whitening the smile would cause a variation between your enamel shade and the color of any existing restorations you might have. Our Orange, OH dental team can assist you in identifying the best option for your smile goals and oral health needs.

In what way does professional teeth whitening provide results?
Teeth whitening works by using a concentrated formula that is applied to the teeth as a gel. When the gel stays on the teeth for a certain amount of time, the yellowing and discoloration existing on the layer of the enamel start to carefully dissolve and lift away. Based on the intensity of the solution and the type of procedure technique used, teeth whitening can brighten the enamel by a few shades within a single application. Cases of darker or more intense stains may demand a longer procedure time to obtain the outcome you want.

Is there a way you predict how white your smile could get?
Various circumstances may affect individual whitening results, such as the starting shade of the enamel, everyday habits (such as drinking coffee or tobacco use), and the strength of the whitening solution used throughout the treatment. While you can have desirable results with just one application, we are unable to predict what your end results will look like. Nevertheless, opting for professional teeth whitening offers the safest and most desirable outcome for the look of your smile.

If you want to improve the general condition of your smile, professional teeth whitening could be exactly what is required to whiten the appearance of your teeth and produce a more youthful you. Our team of dentists at DentalWorks – Beachwood is pleased to provide the straightforward aesthetic solution of professional teeth whitening as a single treatment or in combination with other cosmetic dentistry options. Using prescription-strength formulas chosen to adhere to your goals, teeth whitening may lighten your smile by multiple shades for noticeable improvement and restored self-esteem. Schedule an appointment with us in Orange, OH today to discover more and see if professional teeth whitening is ideal for you.