Professional Teeth Whitening Information You Need To Think About

A number of over-the-counter teeth whitening materials are available at the store. Nevertheless, you may have tested out these whitening brands and been less than impressed with the results. When this seems familiar, expert teeth whitening can be an ideal option for permitting you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Prescription-strength teeth whitening at DentalWorks – Anderson assists in upgrading the look and overall brightness of your smile by reducing the appearance of discoloration on the enamel. Since each patient has specific smile goals, our professional teeth whitening treatments are customized to allow you to get your very best smile.

An effective aesthetic dentistry option, teeth whitening can have a big effect on your smile and your self-esteem. When you are considering brightening your smile with expert teeth whitening vs. over-the-counter options, you likely have questions concerning the process and which approach may be ideal. Here are a few significant facts you should know when thinking about expert teeth whitening to enhance your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is generally more beneficial than non-professional options.
It could be very tempting to pick up an over-the-counter teeth whitening product if you are at the drugstore. Nonetheless, these methods typically do not have much an outcome on the shade of your teeth and may only waste your time and money. Teeth whitening at DentalWorks – Anderson is performed with a prescription-strength teeth whitening gel, which is a more concentrated solution and, consequently, has stronger whitening capabilities for your smile.

Expert teeth whitening methods are used for several kinds of discoloration.
Your smile can become dull, discolored, or yellow with time because of a broad range of causes but could benefit from the brightening effects of professional teeth whitening. Even though coffee and tea might be integral to your usual everyday routine, these refreshments do often yellow tooth enamel. Even many types of cuisines or spices that you consume can have an effect on the color of your smile. The aging process could also have an effect on the color of your smile, often causing the enamel to appear yellow.

Medications, particular health problems, and bad oral hygiene are other factors that usually contribute to teeth that look stained or discolored.

Professional teeth whitening is tailored based on your unique concerns and desires.
One of the best parts about collaborating with Anderson, SC dental professionals is that your services may be personalized to allow you to achieve your unique smile goals. Our dental team will provide the treatment approach ideal for you (either in-office or take-home) and identify the best whitening services to meet your goals. At-home whitening trays are designed from impressions of your teeth, which aids in ensuring you experience effective results and a comfortable yet stable fit. These personalized trays also assist in containing the whitening gel and keeping it on your tooth enamel for the required time to receive the wanted outcome.

Professional teeth whitening might be an individual treatment or included in a larger procedure strategy.
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Based on your individual smile concerns, teeth whitening may be the only form of aesthetic treatment you require. Nevertheless, it might be a service in a larger procedure strategy, such as a complete smile makeover or full-mouth restoration.
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Our DentalWorks – Anderson dental professionals work with you to evaluate if teeth whitening is a good choice to enhance your smile and at what point throughout the treatment process it should occur.

Expert teeth whitening will not alter the shade of restorations.
It is crucial to recognize that, although teeth whitening treatments may certainly brighten the color of natural tooth enamel, they have no impact on restorative appliances, including those used for composite fillings and bonding and contouring or porcelain veneers and crowns. It might be better to brighten the teeth first and then have existing restorations changed out to blend with the new shade of your teeth. In a few circumstances, teeth whitening could not be a good choice if whitening the smile would lead to a distinction between your enamel shade and the color of any restorations you may have. Our Anderson, SC team can aid you in identifying the ideal choice for your smile and oral health concerns.

In what way does professional teeth whitening work?
Professional teeth whitening works with the use of a concentrated solution that is placed on the teeth as a gel. If the gel sits in contact with the tooth enamel for a period of time, the stains and discoloration existing on the layer of the enamel start to gently disintegrate and lift away.
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Depending on the intensity of the solution and the kind of procedure approach used, teeth whitening might brighten the enamel by a few shades after the initial treatment. Cases of darker or more intense discoloration might demand a longer procedure time to ensure the end result you desire.

How can you predict how bright the teeth could get?
Several circumstances may affect whitening results, including the initial shade of the enamel, lifestyle practices (such as certain foods or drinks or tobacco use), and the intensity of the whitening gel used for the treatment. Even though you can have noticeable results with just one whitening treatment, we cannot predict what your ultimate outcome will be. Nevertheless, choosing professional teeth whitening offers the most secure and most effective outcome for the appearance of your smile.

When you want to improve the overall condition of your smile, professional teeth whitening may be just what you need to whiten the look of your teeth and lead to a younger-looking you. Our team of dentists at DentalWorks – Anderson is pleased to provide the straightforward dental solution of teeth whitening as a single procedure or in combination with other cosmetic dentistry options. With the use of prescription-strength gel selected to meet your needs, teeth whitening can brighten your teeth by up to several shades for noticeable enhancement and restored self-confidence. Make a consultation with us in Anderson, SC today to discover more and detect if expert teeth whitening is best for you.