Recommendations To Obtain The Best From Your Invisalign Treatment

We give our patients the very first year’s worth of retainer appliances included in the primary price. Patients who don’t commit to using their retainer as they should lose all progress that has been made; therefore, using your retainer and attending follow-up visits with your dentist is necessary for your post-care protocol.

Invisalign is not an option for everybody
The Invisalign process is not for everyone. For those who have severely crooked teeth or a severe overbite/underbite, conventional braces or surgery may be the only options. Invisalign can treat the most frequent issues, such as gaps, minor underbites/overbites and a few instances of tooth crowding, but it is sometimes not the best alternative for complex dental issues. Talking with one of our Invisalign orthodontics dental professionals in DentalWorks – Brunswick will be your best initial step in deciding whether Invisalign is the perfect option for the smile!

If you want to learn more about ] cosmetically improving the appearance of your teeth, then Invisalign could be your next step! Invisalign is a wonderful alternative for achieving a straighter, beautiful smile without the care and attention required with traditional braces — and within less time. By following these tips and recommendations, you’ll see the outcomes that Invisalign will provide, and no one will see the devices that make it happen! If you would like to see whether you are a candidate for Invisalign, call DentalWorks – Brunswick in Brunswick, OH to set up a free smile appointment now!