Regular Origins Of Tooth Discomfort And How You Need To Treat It

Chewing or drinking something warm or cold can bring a shock-like sensation to the mouth that is uncomfortable and often painful. The roots could become vulnerable to the oral surroundings thanks to several problems, the most frequent of which is periodontal disease. Our Brookfield,WI team is able to minimize tooth sensitivity with specific toothpaste, fluoride treatments, and even services to cover vulnerable roots.

Though not all cases of tooth decay are painful, cavities that spread to the inner layers of a tooth do regularly cause some amount of pain. Sections of tooth decay can also have more sensitivity to temperature changes in the mouth when enjoying hot or cold foods or beverages, as well as very sugary or sweet treats. Without the appropriate care, tooth decay can result in additional pain if the cavity extends to the center part of the tooth and produces an internal infection, or in some cases, an abscess. Finding the care you require from an experienced dental professional early on can help minimize your discomfort and allow improvements to your dental health. Tooth decay is typically treated with fillings or dental crowns, based on the extent of the decayed area.

As a commonly difficult to identify problem, cracked tooth syndrome could present with painful symptoms; however, there may not be any evident or visible harm to the tooth structure. Tiny micro-cracks in the enamel could allow bacteria to enter the inner layer of the tooth and create sensitivity or pain. Teeth may also experience discomfort while chewing as a result of flexure in the tooth structure. The treatments for cracked tooth syndrome vary but could range from the positioning of a dental crown to root canal treatment or other methods.

Tooth pain is basically always a indication of a worse condition and must always be evaluated as soon as possible to offer effective results for your oral health. While symptoms can range from moderate to extreme, tooth pain commonly signifies a dental emergency and might warrant prompt treatment to preserve your tooth structure and decrease the possibility of tooth loss. Our dental team at DentalWorks – Brookfield is proud to offer a range of dental procedures, such as emergency dental care, to care for your tooth discomfort and alleviate its effects on your smile and overall health. If discomfort is affecting your oral health, contact our facility today to schedule a visit with our friendly and knowledgeable dentists.