Restore Your Dental Health With Skilled Bleaching Methods

All men and women desire an amazing smile. Dentist-performed teeth whitening is common corrective dental process with various advantages.

At-home teeth whitening strips cannot compare to the remarkable outcomes of dental teeth whitening.

Custom-made Sessions And Outcomes

Typically, in aesthetic dental treatments, a generalized program will not work for every patient. Individuals’ desires and demands are incredibly varied. Oral specialists make use of their training and knowledge while checking teeth to establish the source of any discoloration.

Also, the dentist will review previous and future elective dentistry repairs you plan to pursue that might affect your optimal end result.

For instance, it could be logical to delay going in for new dental crowns and porcelain veneers. This can enable your dentist to produce crowns and veneers that complement the coloration of your recently lightened, gleaming teeth.

Dental lightening can be somewhat harder for patients who already have veneers or crowns. Because whitening sessions cannot lift discoloration on dental crowns or veneers, it will probably be necessary for your dental practitioner to perform numerous procedures to guarantee that all of your teeth are a consistent shade.

Based on this information, the dental practitioner will design a personalized whitening process that is tailored for you. The dentist can also let you know the amount of lightening treatments required to attain the most beautiful outcomes.

In-office Lightening Methods

Over-the-counter teeth lightening tools usually have a smaller component of lightening elements compared to whitening methods preferred in most dentist-performed teeth whitening.

In addition, burdensome tooth trays and irritating gel could lead to non-uniform outcomes and ordinarily only lighten teeth one shade per implementation. Prior to an expert teeth whitening treatment, individuals can confirm the precise color of whiteness they aim to accomplish.

At DentalWorks – Burlington in Burlington, NC, our group provides fast laser teeth whitening procedures using a process called ZOOM.

ZOOM incorporates a unique gel that is administered to every tooth one by one. This unique gel is stimulated by a diode laser, which goes through the tooth and brightens the discolored enamel. This process should bleach your teeth approximately 6 – 10 shades. Most dentists suggest that men and women who undergo laser teeth whitening treatments receive dental cleanings two times each year. A professional cleaning can help you avoid additional frustrating discoloration and ensure your teeth remain healthy.

Increased Support

Every now and then, people who try over-the-counter teeth whitening systems might suffer from tooth discomfort after applying them. This may develop if the hydrogen peroxide permeates the surface of the teeth or if they employ whitening kits with ill-fitting application devices that aggravate the soft oral tissue. The qualified dental professionals at DentalWorks – Burlington in Burlington, NC take cautious steps to hamper these problems.

Throughout each ZOOM laser whitening procedure, the gums and lips are kept safe to make sure that any whitening agents contact just the teeth. Afterward, your dental practitioner will administer the whitening solution to every individual tooth. To guard the vulnerable eyes from the laser, patients use protective glasses. Even though the technique is pain-free for virtually all people, an anesthetic may be prepared to lessen any nervousness or to relax the gag reflex.

Healthier, Easier Procedures

While drugstore lightening formulas normally do not present safety issues for most consumers, various attempts to whiten and illuminate teeth without help from a dentist could trigger increased tooth discomfort from sensitivity to extreme temperatures.

Because it might take many weeks or even months to see acceptable effects with non-professional tooth bleaching solutions, for example, strips, toothpaste, or gels, soreness could become an issue. Specific versions could fail completely to produce a more radiant smile. Professional teeth bleaching methods are administered by dental professionals to make individuals feel secure and ensure that the gum tissue and tooth enamel remain protected during the course of the bleaching.

Enduring Outcomes

Over and above the multiple other advantages, the outcomes of in-office teeth lightening techniques are visible much longer in comparison to store-bought tooth whitening products. At DentalWorks – Burlington located in Burlington, NC, after their ZOOM laser teeth whitening procedure, patients can have an at-home kit that provides the whitening agent and individualized mouth pieces. These at-home systems should be put to use twice a year to help uphold the cleaner look of your teeth.

At DentalWorks – Burlington, our team advises implementing excellent oral hygiene routines by always brushing and flossing whenever you eat a meal or snack and before sleeping.

Immediately after your whitening and for about 24 hours, we urge patients to refrain from consuming any stain-inducing foods, for example, tomato sauce, and drinks like tea or coffee. Anytime it’s feasible, drink through a paper straw for liquids that may tarnish the teeth.

Elevated Self-assurance and Attitude

Newly bleached teeth will provide much more than just an attractive smile. Patients feel elevated self-esteem after their treatment, which allows them to grow increasingly friendly and function more courageously in work contexts, as well as in various social functions.

In addition, data on the advantages of tooth bleaching has proved that patients with healthier gums are likely to have elevated intellectual ability in comparison to those plagued by periodontitis (gum disease). Bleached teeth may also take years off of your look and help you appear younger.

Work With Your Dentist to Upgrade Your Smile’s Appeal

The remarkable outcomes created by in-office teeth whitening treatments like ZOOM laser teeth whitening and a few other in-office procedures are unsurpassed in their capacity to greatly alter a patient’s look and, at the same time, increase self-confidence. We want you to contact DentalWorks – Burlington and plan a consultation with our highly trained Burlington, NC aesthetic dental practitioners, who are excited to help you in attaining a positively gorgeous smile.