Should I Be Worried About Tooth Sensitivity?

To prevent sensitivity, make sure you schedule an annual exam with your board-certified dentist in Charlotte, NC. They can diagnose and treat problem like cavities, gum disease, teeth grinding, and much more before they can cause symptoms like sensitivity. During your exam, you can also ask your dentist to check your brushing technique to make sure you are not brushing too hard. Also, try to avoid foods and drinks that are highly acidic (citrus fruits and juices, soda, and most processed foods) since this can weaken your enamel. To help strengthen your enamel, you may ask your dentist about adding professional fluoride treatments.

To treat or prevent dentin hypersensitivity, talk to your board-certified dentist in Charlotte, NC. It could be as simple as altering your diet or brushing habits. However, you may need a filling, crown, or periodontal treatment to tackle the underlying problem. Our experienced team at DentalWorks – Carmel Village will help you create a personalized action plan to ease your dental sensitivity and improve the health of your teeth. Get in touch with our office in Charlotte, NC to schedule your exam and consultation if you want to fix your sensitive teeth.