Show Off A Better Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

    If you’ve got several issues, your dentist may create a custom smile makeover treatment plan. This may consist of orthodontics to straighten your teeth, followed by whitening your teeth or gum contouring to fix a gummy grin. A smile makeover can include anything you want to get the smile of your dreams.
    A gummy grin is a common concern in men and women in Dublin, OH who want to know more about cosmetic dentistry. Gum sculpting with laser technology is done to efficiently remove overgrown gum tissue and create a better ratio of enamel to gums.
    If you’d like whiter teeth quicker, laser whitening is a great option. The whitening gel can be painted on your teeth and then triggered by the laser to eliminate many years of stains. In one visit, your smile can be noticeably whiter.
    Once you select and get your aesthetic procedure(s), you’ll want to make sure your smile stays healthy and beautiful. To begin, you should develop a good home oral hygiene regimen with daily brushing and flossing. You might think about buying an electric toothbrush, which may make it easier to eliminate stains compared to a manual toothbrush. Mouthwash can also be a good addition to wash away stains and germs following a meal. Visits must be scheduled with a dentist in Dublin, OH two or more times a year for dental health examinations and cleanings. Whenever your dental team cleans away build-up and polishes your teeth in your cleaning, it will help whiten your smile. Your dentist may also suggest products to use in your home that will match your needs and goals. They are also able to let you know whether a treatment (as an example, porcelain veneers, laser whitening, or bonding) needs to be re-done to maintain your results. For orthodontics, then you should use a retainer once your primary treatment is complete. A retainer keeps your teeth in position as your jaw and gums adjust, therefore it’s very important to use your retainer as frequently and as long as your dentist recommends.

    When you are ready to makeover your smile, schedule an appointment with a dentist in Dublin, OH to find out about your choices. If you are trying to find a dentist with skill in cosmetic dentistry, call DentalWorks – Dublin. Our staff will be delighted to perform a cosmetic dentistry consultation and develop a treatment plan to match your needs and goals. We can describe all the cosmetic procedures we offer and help you determine which one(s) can help make your very best smile.